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Gift Guides for Baby (Back to the top)

Gift Ideas for Baby - Baby gifts have to meet a lot of expectations - the ideal baby gift is useful, makes a charming keepsake, and benefits the child. Read how to find that perfect gift here. 

Baby Gift Shopping for Men - Giving the perfect baby gift is tricky; for men, it can be even trickier. Find some tips and practical advice in this essay on making that important decision. 

Most Appreciated Baby Gifts - They'll be thankful for any gift, but what gifts will really warm new parents' hearts? Find out in this practical and easy-to-read guide. 

First Birthday Gifts - They've reached the one year mark - toddling years just ahead! Find the perfect gift to mark the event with this helpful guide.

Heritage Gifts - A gift that calls to mind a child's heritage is a charming keepsake and a lovely way to show respect for the parent's cultural history. Giving the gift that hits the right note of appreciation and respect can put warm the hearts of an entire family.

Gift Giving Memories - An essay exploring the ideas of gifts and memories, with an emphasis on giving presents to last a lifetime.

Best of the Stork 2007: Our Five Most Endearing Gifts - Our five best gifts to give this holiday season.

Baby Gift Baskets - Gift baskets offer the chance to give several handy and thoughtful gifts at once. Find out more about the many different kinds of baskets and sets to give, one for every occasion.

A Lasting Impression: Baby Handprint and Footprint Kits -If you're looking for the perfect keepsake memento of baby's early days, we recommend handprint and footprint kits They create a lasting record of your baby's growth - and they're just incredibly cute besides!

Keepsake Gifts Play An Important Role In Baby's First Holiday Season - A gentle case for the importance of keepsake gifts that can stand the test of time.

Sibling Gifts - Don't let them feel left out! Choose the best gift to make the new big brothers and sisters feel a part of everything with these unique gift ideas. 

Gifts for Small Children - Children grow up fast, so fast they might outgrow a gift just as you give it. Find out how to give the gifts that last in this helpful, practical essay.

Gifts for Baby and Child Milestones -  They grow up so fast! Of course you want to celebrate the milestone events and ages your baby reaches along the way. Giving a keepsake makes a lovely way for parents, godparents and family members to make the occasion more special now and remembered fondly in times to come.

Giving Organic Gifts -  Organic clothing makes a lovely and thoughtful gift. But what to give, and what you should expect from finer "eco-friendly" clothing and accessories?

Baby Memory Books - Planning a unique baby memory book but you're not sure how to get started? With a little advance planning, you can create an individual keepsake that handsomely records all of baby's early milestones.

Bigger Gifts for Slightly Bigger Kids - Kids grow up fast - soon they'll be ready for the big kid toys! If you're shopping for gifts for slightly older children, ages 3-8, there are of course safety concerns to consider, but also plenty of opportunities to give them lasting happy memories. 

Crawling Towards Danger:  How To Keep Baby Safe At Home-From baby toys and blankets to cribs and curtain cords, use these tips to baby proof your home and protect baby from unsuspected dangers.

Baby Fashion
 (Back to the top)

Baby Jewelry Giving Advice & Tips- Baby jewelry grows in popularity by the year. But what to give the special someone in your life? This essay explores what to get and how to present it to make the best impression.

Designer Clothes & Children - Do designer clothes make the child? Or do they just spoil them rotten? For generous parents, finding a line to walk between treating and pampering can be tall order.

The Story of the Sock Monkey - European fashion met American arts and crafts, and the sock monkey was born! Read more...

Springtime Clothes for Baby - Easter is just around the corner - time to pick out your child's spring clothes! Get caught up with the latest fashion trends by reading this up-to-the-minute guide.

Birthstones for Baby - Do you know your birthstone? The ancient tradition of the birthstone offers magic and good fortune for everyone.

Organic Children's Clothing - You're probably hearing a lot about the benefits of organic threads in children's clothing. But do the virtues really outweigh the cost? We launched our own examination.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Baby's got lots of costume choices this Halloween! Check them out and read up on the latest safety tips here.

Springtime Clothes for Baby - Easter is just around the corner - time to pick out your child's spring clothes! Get caught up with the latest fashion trends by reading this up-to-the-minute guide.

These Baby Shoes Are Made For Walking: Tips on Choosing Baby's First Shoes
-From baby booties to stylish loafers, choosing the right baby shoe is an important first step as your child learns to walk.  Use these four tips to know when and what to buy.

Tips for Parenting (Back to the top)

Play Ball! Sports For Kids - Whether it's spring or fall, children love to play sports. Keep them safe with the strategies and planning discussed in this helpful parenting guide.

Beginning Baby Discipline-Sooner or later, the baby's going to act up. Find out more how to adequately but humanely discipline your child here.

Baby Sign Language - Is your baby trying to tell you something? New research shows babies can learn to communicate well before they start talking. 

Your Child & Chores - Chores help children build a sense of responsibility and give parents a break in their hectic schedule. Setting the right kinds of chores is a careful parental decision.

The Cost of Raising Baby - Full House? Raising kids doesn't have to cost a fortune. Learn how to bring up your bundle of joy on a budget and have fun while doing it.

Favoritism and Children - You almost certainly don't love one child more than the other, but your children might not understand that you love your children in different ways. And since it's a child's nature to categorize, they may see one as the favorite and one as something less.

Children & Weddings - How to bring baby to the wedding with a minimum of fuss before and especially during the celebration.

Raising Baby in the City or Country - Is it better for baby to live in the city or in the country? The best answer is a combination of the two.

Restaurants & Kids - More and more restaurants are insisting children behave themselves while their parents dine - or else. But is that fair to the parents? Plenty of non-parenting adults think so.

Baby Feeding Basics: What Parents Need To Know - Do you know which diseases you can help prevent by breastfeeding? Or which toxic chemical is found in nearly every plastic baby bottle? How about the best kinds of baby formula to give your child? The answers are all here.

Don't Be Under-Protective At The Sleepover - A slumber party doesn't mean your roles as parent and protector go to sleep. Here's five ground rules for any sleepover party.

How To Reward Your Kids – Without Spoiling Them!-  A child's accomplishments are a time to celebrate – but only to an extent.

How To Teach Your Children About Art - Teaching art to children is more than just trips to the museum or finger-painting. Parents can get the basics by reading on…

Baby Birthday Party Etiquette For Parents And Kids - Don't be a wet blanket at the baby birthday party. This guide has all the tips you need to make you and your little one the perfect guests with class.

Parents Are In Control of Television Violence - Getting control of how much violence your children see on television.

Eight Steps To A Perfect Birthday Party For Your Child - Hosting a birthday party for your baby or small child in eight simple steps. 

Helping Children Adjust To Separation - Sooner or later, children need to learn how to be on their own. Ease the pain of separation with these ideas and strategies.

The Basics of Raising Interfaith Children - Are the children of interfaith marriages outsiders or the inheritors of two worlds? This article looks at bringing up children of simultaneous faiths.

Shoes Too Big To Fill: Following in a Parent's Footsteps-"Shoes Too Big To Fill:  Following in a Parent's Footsteps" explores the influence that parents' career choices have on their children and how Moms and Dads can use this "parental power" to help their children make good career decisions.

Bringing Baby Home:  Tips for a Happy Homecoming- Your first day home from the hospital can be challenging for you and baby.  Do you have enough baby blankets?  Are you ready for visitors?  Use these tips to get prepared.

Healthy Foods for Finicky Kids-Parents want nutritious.  Children want delicious.  The food choices of parents and children rarely line-up, so how can both win the fight over food?  Try these helpful hints that encourage children to make happy, healthy food choices, without sacrificing taste.

8 Tips to Help Stop Bedwetting- Bedwetting a problem for your toddler?  Explore some common causes for wetting the bed at nighttime, and help your child wake up to a dry morning with these eight bedwetting tips.

Bed-Sharing Increases Risk of SIDS-From fitted blankets to having baby sleep on his back, there are many ways to reduce risk of SIDS.  But bed-sharing is not one of them.  Find out what you can do to prevent sudden infant death syndrome with these tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Babysitting:  What's It Worth To You?-Taking care of the kids is a full-time job, and you still may need a little help.  When babysitters are handling everything from mealtime to bath time, knowing how much to pay can be a challenge.  Find out by considering these factors.

Transitioning Into Motherhood: Preparing Mom for The Change-Beyond stocking the nursery with baby clothes and blankets and filling the freezer with frozen dinners, what does an expectant mother need to do to make sure she is emotionally ready for the changes of motherhood?  Use these tips to help prepare Mom for the change.

Taking Care of Business While Taking Care of Baby: Tips for The Work-At-Home Mom-Whether you're looking to make some extra money for baby clothes or want to spend more time with your new baby, many women are finding that working at home is a viable solution.  Use these tips to determine whether working at home is right for you and how to better manage it if it is.

Baby Health (Back to the top)

Choosing Your Baby's Doctor - Choosing the right doctor is a crucial step in ensuring your baby's health. We tell how you to make the best choice.

Keeping Baby Cool in Warm Weather - The warm weather months are here. Time to think about keeping baby safe from the sun. Keep cool with the hints and tips presented here.

Baby Sunglasses - Would your baby look cute in sunglasses? What if they were a proven means to protect baby's delicate eyesight? With conclusive research still coming in, some fashion designers are introducing sunglasses for kids right away.

The Basics of Baby Nutrition - Good nutrition plays a crucial role in your baby's formative first months and years, but planning a balanced diet can often lead to confusion and frustration.  Do you know the basics of good baby nutrition? Read more...

What Does It Mean When Babies Cry? - Why do babies cry? How do babies cry? Acting out and crying are among everyone's first means of communication, and parents can learn to tell one kind of crying from another, and how to respond. Read more...

The Rhythms of Sleep & Your Child - How much should your baby sleep? How does the baby determine its own sleep patterns? Can you train your baby to sleep at certain times? We explore how children sleep in this first article of a new series.

Autism and Its Early Warning Signs - Autism is a growing concern among American families. Get the early warning signs with this easy-to-follow report.

Help For the Sleep-Deprived Mom - Getting your baby to sleep through the night is no easy feat!  We offer some advice that may help on those long sleepless nights.

Antibiotics & Asthma - The controversial link between antibiotics and asthma gathered some new evidence last month. Get the full story here.

Protecting Your Family From the Dirty Dozen - We're not talking about Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson caught behind enemy lines here. This dirty dozen is far more dangerous.

Sugar-Free Kids - Is limiting sugar intake in children the first step in the battle against childhood obesity and other health risks?

Baby Allergies - Allergies can be serious or they can be a nuisance. But how can you tell which one your child may be experiencing?

Calcium and Babies - It's a basic truth of parenting that growing bones need lots of calcium. But are dairy products the best source? How soon should the baby start ingesting calcium? What if the baby is lactose intolerant? There's lot of questions, but the answers don't have to be complicated.

Cold Weather Advice for New Parents - As winter settles in, keep your baby safe and warm with these handy cold weather tips.

Security Blankets - They're known by a million different names, but security blankets and toys are all part of growing up.

Preventing and Treating Head Lice - Head lice are the most common form of pest in the United States. Find out how to prevent and how to cure this widespread problem with this easy to read yet comprehensive guide

Do Like the Roos Do: Kangaroo Care for Your Child - Kangaroo care can help make your baby smarter, healthier, and increase their self-confidence down the line. But how does it work? Find out here.

Thumb Sucking FAQ - "Thumb sucking" is one of the most common phases of child development. But how old is too old? We explain.

Sick Days Are A Time To Plan and A Time for Learning - When should you let your child stay home from school? And what if you can't stay home with them? We explain.

What It Means When Baby Coughs and Sneezes - The basic facts about coughs and sneezes

Understanding ADHD: A Guide for Parents, Part One - ADHD affects millions of children in the United States alone. Learn how you can spot the warning signs and prepare to cope with its symptoms.

Understanding ADHD: A Guide for Parents, Part Two - The second part of our series on ADHD describes medication and therapy options for the whole family.

When Boys and Girls Get the Blues: Children and Depression - The lowdown on children and depression

Five Family Fitness Ideas for Summer- Tips and strategies to get the whole family in shape for summer.

Family Pool Safety and Swimmer's Ear - Summertime is the season for trips to the pool. Help your kids stay safe and have fun.

How to Help Reduce Scarring In Your Children, Part One - Scars are an inevitable part of growing up. Learn how to protect your family with the skills and techniques presented here. Part One in a series.

How to Help Reduce Scarring In Your Children, Part Two - Part two in our series on how parents can help reduce the appearance and permanence of scars in their children.

It's Summertime, and The Living's Sneezy: Beating Seasonal Allergies-Help your children through the summertime and other seasonal allergies with the information presented here.

The Basics of Autism: What Parents Should Know- Autism is a national epidemic among American children. Find out the basics with this straightforward and easy to read article.

The Ups and Downs of Acid Reflux In Babies and Children-Is your baby spitting up too much? What's the difference between a little indigestion and Gastroesophageal Reflux? How can you comfort your dyspeptic child? These answers and more found here.

Fighting The Effects of Acid Reflux-Acid reflux affects millions of adults and children each year, and takes a special toll on pregnant women. Here's how to fight its symptoms and reverse its damage. 

Mini-Size My Meal: Establishing Good-Eating Guidelines for Kids-Is your child quickly outgrowing his baby clothes?  Does your hectic schedule lead to eating a lot of fast food?  Use these tips to develop healthier eating habits and better manage mealtimes for children.

Keep Your Kids Healthy During Allergy Season-Stuffed animals, baby bedding and mold are just some of the triggers of airborne allergies.  Before turning to medications to relieve the symptoms, try these common-sense methods to help reduce your child’s exposure to allergy-causing agents in your home.

Common Skin Rashes for Children:  Urgent or Not?-Discovering a rash during baby's bath time or while changing diapers can alarm any parent, especially when you aren't sure what it is.  Use this helpful information to determine if the red, itchy or blotchy rash requires a trip to the ER or not.

The Circumcision Decision-In light of recent research, many parents are deciding not to have their sons circumcised.  If you're considering how not circumcising your baby boy will affect his health and care, review this information concerning the truths and myths about circumcision.



Baby Toys (Back to the top)

At Play on The New Frontier: The Toys of the 1960s, Part One - Take a trip back in time to a simpler era of toys and games with their own unique brand of innocence and warmth.

At Play on The New Frontier: The Toys of the 1960s, Part Two - Part two of our series on the great toys of the 1960s.

Toys of the 1970s - Part One -  Do you remember the Crissy doll? How about the Hungry Hungry Hippos? Take a trip back in time with this "top ten" list of Seventies Toys.

Toys of the 1970s - Part Two - Do you remember Mego hero figures? How about the Micronauts? The second in a series of articles about the great toys of our times.

Best Educational Toys for Children - The early years are in many ways the most crucial in a child's educational development. Giving them toys that cultivate their minds greatly increases their chances for success in school.


Home and Nursery (Back to the top)

Making Sense of All Those High Definition Rumors and News - Making the most of your electronics purchases and making sense of all the new televisions and DVD players vying for your family's loyalty.

Decorating the Nursery - Tips, ideas and advice for making the baby nursery as lovely as possible, told in the popular Top 10 list format.

Vintage Nursery Style - Considering the vintage route for decorating your baby's nursery? Try to settle on a specific time period, and keep your decorations constant and well-balanced.

Safe and Warm: Space Heater Safety Tips for the Home - Space heaters are a comfort necessity in millions of American homes. But families need to exercise caution when using them in the cold winter months.

Seven Steps To Making Your Home More Energy Efficient - Lower your utility bills and keep your family comfortable with the easy-to-use ideas in this report.

How To Plan Your Ultimate Baby Nursery - The baby's coming! Time to get that nursery together. Planning a motif or design scheme ahead of time helps you to narrow your options. Get more help here.

Baby Planners: Back-up For Busy Moms-To-Be- You've heard of wedding planners. Now meet the baby planners, who help take stress and worry off the shoulders of working and non-working mothers. Do you need a baby planner?

Holidays and Baby (Back to the top)

An All-Around Guide to Easter Gifts - On choosing an Easter gift for the child in your life, with suggestions for family members, godparents and friends.

Holiday Baby Gift Ideas - Baby's first holiday season - or even second - is a special landmark. Choose the best gift for that little someone with this easy-to-follow guide.

Safe Holiday Gifts - You want to buy the perfect gift, of course. But choosing the safe item over the popular item isn't always easy. We present a few ideas and tips on buying gifts that are safe yet sure to be appreciated.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Baby's got lots of costume choices this Halloween! Check them out and read up on the latest safety tips here.

Five Easy Steps To Throwing a Toddler Holiday Party - With the holidays just around the corner, learn how to throw a playful party for your toddler and all his friends and neighbors.

Five Strategies for Holiday Shopping - Without Going Broke! - Saving money on your holiday shopping might be easier than you think.

How To Get Your Household Ready For Christmas Morning - Get ready for Christmas morning! How you can prepare for all your children's needs on the big morning.

Five New Year's Resolutions for the Whole Family - It's a new year and that means it's time for the annual New Year's resolutions! Presented here are five fresh starts for the whole family to work at together.

How To Power Through the Post-Holiday Blues - After the big rush of the holidays, what’s left? Ring in the New Year with a clean slate.

Eight Steps To A Perfect Birthday Party For Your Child - Hosting a birthday party for your baby or small child in eight simple steps. 


Baby Safety (Back to the top)

Baby and Child Safety - You know a child safety seat is crucial for transporting your baby in a car. But how do you know the seat is secure and at its most effective? Read about getting the most for your seat in this important guide

Baby Carrier - What do a papoose, a rebozo, a khanga, and a selandang all have in common? Would you believe they're all for babies to ride comfortably? This article explains how everyone carries their children, all around the world.

Security Blankets - They're known by a million different names, but security blankets and toys are all part of growing up.

Staying Safe On the Swing Set - Don't push too hard, and never jump off! That old advice is still true, but there's a lot more for parents to know about swing sets, swings, and gym set.

Seals of Approval & What They Mean for Parents - You see a lot of those "seal of approval" awards, but what do they really mean? We explore some of the most important, telling you what each one means and who really stands behind it.


Education and Baby How To Articles (Back to the top)

Three Degrees Of Care: Sitters, Nannies, Au Pairs - What's the difference between a nanny and an au pair? Why are babysitters different? We'll explain

The History of the Piggy Bank - Would you believe the piggy bank dates back to medieval times? Read more...

The Story of Dr. Seuss - Theodore Geisel taught everyone to love green eggs and ham, but the world will always know him by another name.

Babies and Music- Playing music for your baby can actually benefit their ability to learn and their intelligence in later life.

Raising a Bilingual Child- - If you're raising a child in a home with more than one language, there are all kinds of issues to consider. For mixed-heritage households and for families living abroad, the challenges are both exhausting and rewarding.

Reading to Your Child - Your baby can benefit from books even before they leave the womb!  We give some tips on making reading fun for your baby at all ages.

Baby Video Tips - With a few simple guidelines, even the amateur photographer can do a beautiful job of capturing those precious moments.

Breastfeeding Basics - Would you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? New studies and a new ad campaign reveal some surprising insights about how people react. This article also includes information and advice about this ancient practice.

Language Development - Tracking your child's language development is a vital part of monitoring the early years of infancy and childhood. There are milestones to watch out for, signals to await, and trouble signs that require vigilance.

Baby Photographer - A picture's worth a thousand words, and some photographs are a treasure to last a lifetime! Choosing the best child photographer is worth a little research.

Peach of Mind: Keeping your grace with friends and family after the baby comes - It seems everyone wants to congratulate you when the baby arrives. After a while, so many good-intentioned interruptions can drive your crazy! Here's how to avoid too much good cheer.

Helping Children Cope With the Death of a Loved One-Getting your children through the pain and confusion that follows the death of a loved one.

Calling The Tune: Piano and Guitar Lessons For Children-Can piano or guitar lessons help your child become a better student? What about helping them develop other skills they'll need for the future? Click here for the answers.

Helping Children Deal With the Death of A Pet-The death of a pet is a sad right of passage for most children. Parents must act swiftly and confidently to help them deal with their often-confusing mix of emotions.

Making Sense Of All The New Technology-What's a Blu-Ray player? What's the difference between a Playstation and an Xbox? Will TV stations really switch to high definition in 2009? The easy-to-read answers are right here.

How To Protect Against Identity Theft-The rise of identity theft has become an international problem. Don’t let your family fall prey to this life-destroying crime.

Consumers Are NOT Helpless Against Identity Theft -How to fight back if you've become a victim of identity theft.

Embryo Adoptions: A Growing Opportunity-Exploring this new component to the in-vitro fertilization process, this article explains the pros and cons of why many infertile couples are choosing embryo adoptions.

Ten Foods You Shouldn't Feed Your Baby-Moving from formula to French fries is no small task for baby's young digestive system.  Avoiding these 10 foods and following these nutritional guidelines will help get your baby off to a good, healthy start.


Tips on Baby Showers - Baby Shower Gift Guide (Back to the top)

Baby Shower Etiquette - Who should host the baby shower? Should you bring your own drinks or snacks? Should you hold the baby shower in the day or at night? The etiquette of baby showers can be confusing without expert help.                                                                                                                                

Baby Shower Timeline - It's getting time to plan the baby shower - but how much time to you need? This timeline shows you how to plan, when to make plans, and how far you should budget ahead to hold the perfect baby shower for everyone. 

Baby Showers on a Budget - Getting ready to host a baby shower but you're on a budget? Learn the easy, elegant ways to pinch pennies without sacrificing charm and beauty.           
Don't forget about Daddy While Planning Your Baby Shower - Guys can't come to the baby shower, can they? And what's a "Daddy's Shower?" As times change, the traditional baby shower is quickly becoming a family affair.

History of the Baby Shower - Everyone knows baby showers are a time-honored tradition for bringing baby into the world. But how did they begin? It sounds hard to believe, but the modern baby shower is a thoroughly modern innovation.

Long Distance Connection: The Virtual Baby Shower  - Want to attend the baby shower but the new mom is far away? What if she lives far away from everyone? Fear not, there's a solution in the Virtual Baby Shower.

Themed Baby Showers - Why not make your baby shower a themed event? Basing your decorations, games, and food around a particular theme is a fun way to get guests excited about coming together, and makes a unique memory for the new mother.

Games for the Baby Shower - You've made your preparations for the perfect baby shower. Now, how to best entertain your guests? We give you five fun and easy games that keep the party going.

Baby Showers: A Time Honored Tradition of Fun - In the past 50 years, the modern baby shower has become a tradition among American families.  Unique gifts and playful themes can add a new level of fun to the gathering.

Winter Baby Shower Tips - The wintertime is a great time to throw a baby shower! Get the tips for having the ultimate party with this easy to read guide. 

Eco-Friendly Baby Showers - The baby you celebrate today will live in the world tomorrow - protect that world now by preserving its precious resources. An eco-friendly wedding shower is an excellent way to start. 

The ABC's of Baby Showers - Presenting a short history and FAQ about the baby shower, including a guide to giving the best baby shower favors.

Baby Shower Favors - An overview of what to give as baby shower favors, featuring a look at some of the most recent trends in party favors and an eye to where the next wave of gifts is coming from.

Come In From The Cold With A Winter-Themed Baby Shower- The cold weather months don't have to mean a cold, dreary baby shower. Warm yourself up with the tips and expert planning advice presented here.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts - How to choose a gift they'll appreciate forever? Find out in this practical guide, featuring plenty of realistic advice and helpful tips.

Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Gift - Narrow down your baby shower and christening gift choices using this simple and very readable guide to giving the best baby gift.

A Brief History of the Baby Shower-Do you know where the baby shower idea got started? Or why it's a vital part of many maternity traditions around the world? The answers and more here.

Baby Gifts that Save Mom Money!-Everybody’s looking for ways to save their own money, but have you considered giving a baby gift that saves the recipient money?  Check out these ideas to learn how.


Travel (Back to the top)

Summer Vacation Safety for the Whole Family - The end of summer is just around the corner! Vacation, here we come! Keep your kids safe on the road and away from home.

Parents Can Help Their Children With the Stress, Responsibilities of Moving -It's time to move and your kids aren't ready to go. How can you help? This guide helps parents through the fine art of getting them from here to there.

Ten Steps to Planning the Ultimate Family Vacation - Plan your family vacation the easy way.

5 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers- If the thought of taking a road trip with your toddler has you pulling your hair out, try these tips instead to help you buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Pregnancy Tips (Back to the top)

Working While Pregnant - Pregnant working women are all over the big screen this summer, but is working when you're expecting the safest choice? We go behind the screen on Waitress and Knocked Up for the truth about pregnancy and the workplace.

Breastfeeding Basics - Would you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? New studies and a new ad campaign reveal some surprising insights about how people react. This article also includes information and advice about this ancient practice.

Baby Planners:  Personal Assistants for Parents-to-Be-It's almost time for your baby's arrival, but you're overwhelmed with all the details.  From planning the baby shower to researching baby products, busy Moms and Dads can find out if enlisting the aid of a baby planner is right for you.

Helping Mom Get A Good Night's Sleep- Getting a good night's sleep can be an illusive thing for pregnant moms.  Following these sleep tips and positions can help Mom rest easy. 

Getting Ready For The Big Day!  A Labor and Delivery Checklist for Mom and Dad- Getting for the baby's arrival is a breeze with these helpful tips and checklist of baby items and essentials needed for delivery.

5 Safety Tips for Giving Mom the Spa Treatment-Pampering an expectant Mom at the spa is always a good idea.  But make sure it’s a safe idea by following these tips to help Mom and baby reach nirvana.

Knowing Your Nipples: Choosing the Right One For Your Baby’s Bottle-Whether your baby will be breastfed or bottle-fed, it is important to choose the right bottle for mealtime, which can make mealtime more enjoyable for both you and baby.  

Is Your Husband Mr. Mom? Phantom Pregnancies in Men-Is it possible for you and your baby’s daddy to be so in tune that he actually experiences the symptoms of pregnancy? Scientists say yes. And it may be more than just morning sickness!

The Affects of Fibroids During Pregnancy-With nearly 80% of women having fibroids, many are concerned of the affects of fibroids during pregnancy.  Addressing these questions, this article provides helpful information concerning the baby’s health, risks and possible complications.