Decorating the baby's nursery is a huge undertaking, with a dizzying array of choices and decisions to consider and re-consider. We've assembled the following list of ideas to point you in the right direction. The list is not scientific, nor is it necessarily in the strictest, best order of importance. But these ideas will serve to make your baby's nursery an active, fun, comfortable place in which to grow!

10. Choose soothing colors - babies eyes develop rapidly, but are still sensitive in the early months. Choose a pastel or watercolor palette for the walls and furnishings, and use decorations with bright cheery colors.

9. Include lots of friends - babies need to feel secure and protected, so placing stuffed animals and other decorations around will make him or her feel comfortable and at ease. Of course, teddy bears are a perennial favorite for this approach.

8. Help baby feel grown up - decorations could include something as grand as a replica race car or cart, or small as a tool kit to play with on rainy afternoons.

7. Make the place baby's own - put the baby's name on plates, wall hangings, and other items to reinforce their sense of self and identity.

6. Include pictures - put family pictures and pictures of the baby himself around, to give a sense of pride and membership in a family.

5. Bookends, trunks, and jewelry boxes - teach them the benefits of organization early, with storage space and organizers.

4. Measure them growing - provide a wall chart to let the children know they're growing, making frequent notches to show their progress.

3. Fire their imagination - pictures and furniture evoking learning and adventure nurture the child's imagination and give them a sense of excitement.

2. Help them reach for themselves - a step stool or chair is a great way to teach children self-reliance.

1. Make it comfortable - include plenty of pillows, quilts, and blankets to help them sleep as comfortably as possible. Solid, dependable sleep habits spur growth and help children understand structure and order in their lives. Making them comfortable in that regard is only icing on the cake.