Baby Gift Baskets

by Kenisha Allen

If you're completely lost on what to give a new mother, may we suggest baby gift baskets? These are bundles or collections of useful, lovely, and unique items the mother may not have time to assemble on her own. They are beautifully decorated, as well, often with a breezy theme or motif, and are surprisingly affordable, as well!

Gift baskets and sets make a great gift for parents who've already acquired the major items such as cradles, rockers, and clothing, but who perhaps haven't yet completely stocked up on the day-to-day necessities they'll soon need. These gifts reinforce the amount of resources parents have, and at the same time indicate a degree of thoughtfulness on the part of the giver that perhaps isn't completely expected. Giving a gift that says "I know you're busy, so I've simplified something for you" makes a great impression on time-pressed parents.

One popular form of gift basket is the bath time set, which includes soft towels, shampoo, soft soap, and even booties for the child to wear after the bath is finished. These make a great gift for working parents, who are frequently at a loss for enough time, and centralize all the materials needed for a favorite event into one complete package.

Another great form of gift basket is the wardrobe set. These packages include a complete baby ensemble in one package, featuring matching clothing, bib, blanket, and accessories at a reasonable price. They are often matched in a lovely basket or mesh bag, which clearly indicates the ensemble's pattern. These gifts give parents the convenience of clothes "close at hand," and present the opportunity for accumulating a large variety of clothes and blankets for the baby, without multiple shopping trips and decisions. Again, the main benefit is time, but also the relief of simplified decision-making.
A third kind of gift basket is the all inclusive set meant for a specific occasion. One popular kind of inclusive set features items needed to take the baby home from the hospital - clothes, diapers, a blanket, a rattle, sometimes even a plush toy. These present an element of style and coordination to the important occasion, of course, but also allow the parents the piece of mind that all supplies are already taken care of.

There are other kinds of gift baskets, for virtually an occasion. Some even continue as the baby reaches infancy: sets for trips to school, overnight trips to Grandma's, and trips to see friends and the zoo, among others. When giving them as gifts, really the only limit is the imagination of the giver.