Can't you just imagine the charming image of children playing in a field abounding with the vivid colors and bright sunshine of spring in full bloom?

    Springtime and children's clothes are a natural combination. In fact, they share many of the same basic forms and color schemes - the delicate pastels, the simple yet flattering fits, and the sense of relaxed comfort. Spring itself, with the hope and promise of renewal, is very similar to the emotions and sentiments stirred when we watch children at play. So, spring truly is the children’s season. With Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day occurring during its timeframe, there’s also no end to the clothing opportunities presented to dress your child up in adorable fashions that take full advantage of the warm weather and blue skies. 

    If you’re in the market for clothing for very small children – between three and six months of age – a designer onesie makes a versatile and useful outfit that’s also totally comfortable for the baby to wear. Onesies have in recent years become incredibly popular, as their durable construction and opening bottoms make taking care of baby’s changing-time needs relatively low maintenance. Onesies are available in dozens of designs, though almost all feature a sturdy three-snap button flap on the bottom. Some of the more popular onesies include personalized inscriptions and tags on their front, prepared by specialty clothing boutiques; and officially-licensed articles that feature popular designs such as NASCAR and Harley-Davidson. Some are simply plain, or adorned with charming appliqués or design accents that complement the spring season. 

    A new form of child clothing fashion that’s perhaps more thematically related to springtime than aesthetically so is the organic lines of clothing just now appearing on store shelves. Organic clothing, as the name implies, is clothing created without the interference of chemically enhanced dyes or preservatives. Organic clothing’s recently gotten a big boost from the development of special non-polluting dyes, so their colors are now equal to their more synthetic counterparts.

    For early springtime, you might also wish to get your child a light jacket or coat, or even a special hat to keep their head and ears warm from the last of the winter chill. A perennial choice for children’s hats is the lightweight fishing caps, which both insulate the baby’s fragile head but also protect it from rain and sunshine.

    Finally, you might also dress your child up in a simple suit of clothes – like his first T-shirt, bearing the insignia of a college team; or, you could give the little girl in your family her first springtime dress, to show off on family occasions, when going to church, or anytime they need to dress up a bit. Such clothes make elegant gifts, and they’re sure to go a long way in the charm department when other adults are around.

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