by: Michael Kabel


The holidays can often feel like an avalanche of extra responsibility. Coordinating family reunions and get-togethers, scheduling time off from work, making travel arrangements, and preparing elaborate holiday meals - all these time-consuming events compete for adequate attention with gift shopping and purchasing. It's no wonder many parents feel overwhelmed - new parents, still adjusting to the baby in the house, especially. As a result, choosing a unique and enduring baby gift can sometimes get short shrift. This is a shame, because a baby's first holiday season - or second season, as well - is an excellent opportunity for family memory-making and spending time together. Finding the perfect baby gift becomes, even for the godparent or friend of the family, that much more important, as these opportunities only come around once or twice.


When selecting the perfect holiday baby gift, one important aspect to keep in mind is emotional connection. Holiday gift giving began in earnest a century ago, but people back then gave small tokens or mementoes of affection. Today, experts point to an increased trend of "value giving" - that is, giving gifts of value or status more than emotion. But for small children experiencing their first holiday season, something of lasting emotional sentiment makes a much more thoughtful gift. One popular example is the personalized holiday ornament. These are small, largely inexpensive gifts that can be used again and again in years to come. Moreover, they serve to remind children and parents alike of the commemorative event, that first holiday. Similarly, personalized clothing, such as a sleeping cap or pajamas, work in the immediate future as valuable clothing and accessories for baby during the cold months; however, they suffer from the disadvantage of a limited "shelf life" - babies grow fast, and they're likely to rapidly outgrow items of a particular size.


Another type of gift to consider is the "classical" gift, an item famous in years past and so commonly connected with the idea of the holidays that they've become synonymous with gift giving itself. The classic example of such perennial gifts is the toy rocking horse. This age-old child's favorite looks picture book perfect under the holiday tree or decoration spread, and can be enjoyed for several years. Moreover, it too becomes a keepsake to pass down to future generations. Another such keepsake is the personalized stocking, used throughout childhood. A nutcracker doll, particularly one hand crafted or personalized, is another popular favorite.


Finally, when deciding on a gift, remember that the children themselves will look on the gift in years to come and feel their own connection to it. Giving them something to take pride in, rather than something for the initial amusement of the parents, is a sure way to win their gratitude when they come of age enough to recognize your thoughtfulness and taste.


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