By: Travis P. Barker

If you're looking for a gift with outstanding keepsake potential, consider something from the new lines of baby jewelry currently appearing at many specialty baby gifts and boutiques nationwide. Sleek and elegant, these new forms of baby apparel are a far cry from the usual costume or "junk" jewelry typically marketed for children. Rather, experts already proficient in jewelry design and craftsmanship have made pieces that are as comfortable as they are lovely.

While possibly not the most practical gift available, baby gold jewelry and silver baby jewelry are definitely tres chic, popular among parents and children alike, and sure to make a hit at any baby shower. They make a unique baby shower gift, but are also appropriate at christenings, baptisms, and even as a baby's 1st birthday gift. They’re especially touching when given by godparents or friends of the family, as they create an instant heirloom gift and keepsake remembrance.

We should point out above all else, however, that some choking hazards may apply with the jewelry, so consider if your child is old enough to receive the items listed below.

 Perhaps the baby jewelry gift most likely to become a permanent keepsake is the charm bracelet. These lovely, unique baby gifts are sometimes made from authentic freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones, but they are all lovely to behold. These bracelets routinely come with a charm, which may evoke the family's religion, a good luck symbol, or possibly the baby's astrological symbol. For a perfectly personalized baby jewelry gift, we recommend the charm bracelet that is customized to your baby's identity, either using a monogram or even the whole name. Personalization services are offered by many online retailers, and are sometimes available at no extra charge. These online sites have their own customization department, so they're able to personalize the baby jewelry themselves, and ship them directly to you.

 A similar gift to the pearl bracelet, the crystal/pearl hybrid with charm, is another lovely and unique baby gift idea. Similar to the freshwater pearl bracelet, it also includes strings of crystal beads, to create a long and glimmering example of baby art couture your child will only appreciate more as he or she grows older.

 Baby necklaces, also with charms that can be personalized, are a lovely and fashionable gift idea, especially when given to accentuate or compliment baby bracelets. These necklaces may follow the same construction as the bracelet, featuring freshwater pearls and/or crystal construction, but have the advantage of carrying a larger charm, such as a pendant, crucifix, or Star of David – charms that are both lovely to look at and a proud reminder of the child's heritage. These personalized and religious charm necklaces, however, vary in availability from retailer to retailer, and some price and size variations are also possible.