Long Distance Connection: The Virtual Baby Shower

It’s part of the cost of modern living. Old friends move away because of work, marriage, or simply the desire to start somewhere fresh. You still communicate, talking on weekends and exchanging gifts on holidays, but without the nearness of personal interaction the friendship sometimes seems locked in stasis.

            Of course, you still want to celebrate the milestones with them… especially the baby

shower. Maybe you’re not able to attend the baby shower that the new mother’s friends at home have planned for her, because of distance or time or simple logistics. Maybe she’s moved away from everyone else and could use a little care package from the old crowd, congratulating her on her newfound joy. By holding a virtual baby shower, you’ll be able to say everything you want to say in person, through the giving of exactly the kinds of unique baby shower gifts you’d give if she were there.

            The virtual baby shower can take any number of forms, and is really limited only by your imagination. If you’re the “hostess with the mostest” of the baby shower, you may wish to send specially designed gift baskets or gift cakes, filled with the everyday essentials that

parents with a newborn crave on a daily basis. These unique baby shower gifts include diapers, layette sets, blankets, stuffed animals, bibs, and onesies. A set might include any number of elegant baby shower gifts and accessories a new mother can use, regardless of where she lives now. Many online baby shower and baby gift boutiques will ship gift baskets anywhere in the United States and Canada. Some even offer personalization on items included with the gift package.

            You might also wish to assign different gifts from different guests Coordinating gifts is a simple matter, if you choose to lead the virtual party into a kind of online shopping registry. You can let other virtual shower guests register with you, the hostess; then, when it’s time for the shower, each of you can send the designated gift to the new mother. The shipment can be a surprise, or you may warn the mother to be in advance to look out for a special baby shower of gifts to be coming her way.

            You may also choose to post an online photo album of the mother and her virtual guests, so that everyone can reminisce about the times spent together. If you’re attending long distance, making the album just about the two of you is also a lovely gesture.

            In any case, remember what the virtual baby shower will mean to the new mother. You may not be there in the flesh, as the old saying goes, but you’ll certainly attend in spirit.

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