Can you invite men to the baby shower? Should you invite men? Why not? 

The traditional baby shower included only the ladies close to the expectant mother - the family and friends who would assist her in caring for the newborn child. In times past, the father played less of a "hands-on" role in the day-to-day feedings, changing of diapers, and bathing. As a result, the 
baby shower, which included a gathering of gifts for the new mother to help her with the child, came to exclusively include women. 

With women's changing roles in society, however, the father now often plays almost as active a part as the mother. The two-income family has all but completely replaced the traditional "nuclear family," in which a father earned the family's income while the mother stayed home and managed the household. As more mothers have continued to pursue their careers, fathers have stepped up to assist in the changing of diapers, helping to comfort the child during the night if the baby gets colicky, and even helping with teething. That's a lot of responsibility!

So it makes sense that men should become guests at the baby shower, as well.  Platonic friendships are more common now than even twenty years ago, and more socially accepted.

"More and more modern women are tearing down the velvet rope around the 
baby shower," says Atlanta-area party planner Sandra Chavez. "They've had platonic guy friends probably since high school, and their work friends probably include guys."

"Too, the idea of sticking to an old tradition like a "girls-only" party probably seems a little corny. A woman can create a stir just by inviting a few guys to come hang out at the shower."

And for their part, the guys can bring a new twist to the baby shower's games and festivities. "When you think of some of the baby shower games that get played, or the stories that get told about the new mother – it's that much more fun to have the male perspective."

Some baby shower hostesses are also choosing to invite 
couples, rather than individuals. "It helps promote a sense of family," the expert says. "When the new mother looks around her at the baby shower, and she sees other new families surrounding her, it's a nice segue into family life itself. There's a sense of a little miniature community present in the baby shower's atmosphere."

Not to be outdone, many new fathers are also having their own version of the baby shower, complete with 
gifts and an assortment of friends. These celebrations typically mirror the all-girl's baby shower, and may be held as a companion event to that more traditional party. The so-called "Daddy shower" isn't as rambunctious as the iconic bachelor party, but instead presents a new father the opportunity to look ahead towards paternity. He may be joined by both his single and married friends, and by friends and relatives who already have children of their own. The gifts can include traditional baby supplies, but possibly with a more masculine touch: baby baseball jerseys, for one example, or a keepsake helicopter bank, for another. Favors for the Daddy baby shower might include cigars or souvenir engraved glasses.

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