When you start planning your baby shower, you might find many of your decisions come together quickly if you’ve chosen a theme for the baby shower ahead of time. A theme can be anything of your choosing, from the serious and the sentimental to the whimsical and fun loving.
    Themes can also make a lovely surprise for the mother to be. Choosing a theme ahead of time, swearing the guests to secrecy, and then unveiling all its finery at the shower will make an instant and permanent memory the mother can take with her forever. The theme might be taken from the new mother's interests, her hobbies or passions, or some beloved time in her life. 
    The theme might also come from the baby, too! Many style-conscious baby shower hosts are choosing to base the event not just on the mother and her friends but also on the “main reason” for the celebration. Some of the more popular baby shower themes include:
-    "The Little Star," with Hollywood-style decorations and cuisine.
-    "Baby Idol," based on the television program and featuring show business items.
-    "Mommy's Little Builder," with charming "construction worker" details such as playful bulldozers and cranes.
-    "The Princess Child," with fairy tale accents.
-    "A Perfect Love," with hearts and angel accents.

    You may also choose to base the theme of the wedding shower around the gifts or around a particular gift. If you’re planning to give a baby shower diaper cake, for example, the cake not only makes a lovely centerpiece, but can also act as the "center" of your theme. A baby shower basket designed like a sturdy play wagon might spin off into a whole motif of beloved childhood toys such as a doll, baseball mitt, and toy rocket ship, to make a 1950's inspired retro theme that's instantly recognized as celebrating the innocence of childhood. 
    Whatever your decisions, remember to have as much fun planning the baby shower as you expect to have during its celebration. That enthusiasm will feed into the final result, creating an event that new mothers and old friends alike can look back on with joy. 
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