by: Michael Kabel

Perhaps more than any other time of year, the holiday season is a time for only the best gifts and keepsake presents. The gifts given in baby's first and second holiday seasons aren't just presents for the time being - they're gifts that will likely survive to become remembrances of his or her first years.

Presented below are some of the best items from the Corner Stork catalog in 2007, compiled by members of our editorial staff. The list is meant to show a wide range of gifts reflecting a diverse array of tastes - in other words, so that there's something for every customer.
Slumber bear with silkie:  The plush, 10" long bear helps baby sleep by emitting actual womb recordings, creating the sleep environment they're used to. The blanket wrapped around the bear absorbs mom's scent, and is both warm and soft to the touch. The bear runs on four AAA batteries and mounts directly to the crib or snuggles up close to the child.
I'm the Big Sister: A big part of being a big sister is feeling important, too. The soft, handbag-shaped album holds twelve 4" by 6" photos in its sturdy pages. The big sis/little sis design on the front makes it a great ornament to the bedroom bookshelf or dresser, as well. And at 7" wide by 5" tall, it's the perfect size for the big sister's little hands. Also available in
Silver-plated bear cup, spoon, and fork set: An elegant keepsake that hits all the right notes for a perfect gift ensemble, the safe and non-toxic set comes tucked into a reusable wooden box. The finely rendered teddy bear details on each piece are both sturdy and endearing. Same-day personalization adds an extra sophisticated touch, making it an awesome gift from grandparents and godparents especially.
"My Own" Step Seat & Stool Combination: Handpainted and personalized with fun details and the child's name, these combination toys are as useful in the nursery and child bedroom as they are adorable. The bottom step rotates up ninety degrees, making a sturdy seat kids can use anywhere. The dependable wooden construction is splinter-proof and ready for years of use. A popular nursery mainstay in the 1970s brought back for the newest generation of children.
"My Little Silver Saver" Keepsake Silver Helicopter: Collectibles banks and ornaments are a big part of the nursery experience - for parents as much as children! With plenty of realistically moving parts and impressively detailed construction, the silver helicopter bank is an instant memento that lasts the tests of time. Other silver and pewter collectibles are available on the catalog, but the helicopter's tiny spinning rotors set it apart.

There are plenty more items available on Corner Stork's site. Finding the right gift is a lot like finding your own favorite song on the radio - it's largely a process or knowing where to look and knowing what you're looking for. See elsewhere on our site for tips and advice about finding the perfect gift to give this holiday season.