by Michael Kabel

    Trick or treat! Halloween is just around the corner, and for many parents, it's baby's first or second time, making it the right time to dress up in an adorable costume. 

    The perfect baby costume is going to be something loose-fitting, snuggly, and of course packed with plenty of "awww…" style charm. The costume doesn't have to be elaborate and it doesn't have to be expensive - it can even be homemade. Of course, you'll want the costume to be safe, too - safe enough that you can focus on making sure the rest of the holiday is perfectly okay for your little one.
The Best Halloween costumes

    Here are the top ten baby and toddler Halloween costumes from our catalog. We've arranged the list not in terms of popularity but to give a broad range of themes and subjects, so you've got the widest selection of choices available. 

10. Lady Bug - what baby girl wouldn't giggle to become a rolly poley ladybug? 

9. Monkey suit  - Baby will have a swinging good time in this suit, complete with its floppy ears and tail. 

8. Pumpkin - possibly the greatest baby Halloween costume ever! They're irresistibly cute, thanks to all the charming details and soft color pallette.

7. Cowboy - baby rides straight out of yesteryear with this charming ensemble. 

6. Brown Spotted Puppy - they'll want a puppy of their own soon enough; for now, they can dress up just like one.

5. Ballerina - every girl dreams of being a beautiful ballerina, and this shimmering pink costume makes just the perfect start. 

4. Lion - in the jungle, baby sleeps comfortably tonight and looks adorable, too. You have to see the mane on this costume to believe it - too cute for words!

3. Turtle - slow and steady wins the race, and baby will win lots of smiles and adoring looks with all the details on this lovable piece. 

2. Dragonfly - baby flies high, like the dragonfly, in this delightful outfit, complete with antennae and floppy yet sturdy wings. 

1. Doctor’s Scrubs - not quite a costume, and not quite an outfit, either, scrubs are both comfortable and sturdy enough for anytime wear. 

Halloween safety

    Halloween draws the scrutiny of safety-conscious parents like no other time of the year, and for largely good reasons. You're probably already keenly aware of the dangers, thanks to that overactive parental imagination. Here's a few tips to keep you on an even keel and baby safe, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics: 

1.    Make sure all costumes have plenty of reflective surfaces. 

2.    Don't include masks as part of a costume - they can constrict breathing.

3.    Make sure all costumes, wigs, and masks are flame resistant. 

4.    Don't include costume props like swords, sticks, and poles that are sharp or could present a poking hazard. 

5.    Keep the front porch clear of debris that children might trip over on the way to your door; sweep up wet leaves from sidewalks and driveways.

6.    When taking your kids trick or treating, bring flashlights and only approach houses with their porch lights on. 

7.    Carry a cell phone with a full battery charge.

8.    Don't cut across yards, use alleys, or shortcut across back lawns or vacant lots. 

9.    Only cross the street at intersections and crosswalks.

10.    Small children should never carve pumpkins. Let them decorate with markers and finger paint instead.