You've probably thought of everything for the baby shower. You've found the perfect decorations, chosen only the finest baby shower favors and gifts for the guests and mother-to-be, and even arranged for everyone to arrive on time. (Even that one guest who's always fifteen minutes late. You know the one we mean.) Maybe you've planned the appetizers, the baby shower dinner, and coffee so exactly you've forgotten something important - how to entertain your guests after the food and dinner is put away and there's just time for friends to spend together.
    Playing games with friends has a simple elegance all its own, and there's no better way to celebrate the new bundle of innocence than to delight in some old-fashioned games and activities with one another. We've presented five of the most unusual and colorful below. They can be played with any number of friends and family members. You might even arrange a prize of an extra baby shower favor or small trophy for the winners.

1.    The Mommy trivia game - This is a great game to play even for those baby showers where the guests aren't longtime friends of the guest of honor. Guests answer trivia questions related to the mom-to-be and her life. For example, where did mom go to high school? What was her first date with the baby's father? What motif did she select for the baby's nursery? Guests get one point for each question, though you might have a bonus round of harder questions worth two points.

2.    Take the safety pins from the bowl of rice - More challenging than it might seem. Guests are blindfolded and attempt to pick out as many safety pins as possible from a bowl of rice in under a minute. The winner is the one with the most pins and least amount of rice.

3.    Name the celebrity baby - Guests try to identify celebrity babies from pictures of only the baby themselves – without Mommy and Daddy standing around. Also works great with child and teenaged celebrity offspring, too. Award one point for each celebrity child and two points for each celebrity baby.

4.    The Stinky Diaper Game - The stinky diaper is actually printed on a special baby-themed scratch n sniff playing card. Each guest rubs the diaper on their card. The winner is the one with the "stinky diaper" card that smells just like fresh baby poo. Certainly worth an extra prize!

5.    Guess How Pregnant - Guests cut lengths of ribbons that they believe will fit completely around Mommy's stomach. The winner is the one who comes closest without going over the least. This is a fun way to wrap up the baby shower, because it symbolically reminds the guests that the big day isn't far off.