Memories are created by the unexpected, by the unusual and the unique.  When we give gifts, we look for the different, the exotic, or the surprising.  Baby gifts, which celebrate the arrival of a unique new life, present sometimes intimidating choices for the gift giver. How to find the gift that will prove not only your appreciation for the joyous event, but also show the thought and esteem you place upon the occasion?

            For centuries, the personalized gift has signaled an extra level of consideration. They give an air of tradition and heritage to the baby's arrival. Personalized gifts make ideal heirlooms, evoking a sense of timelessness and personality. Moreover, a personalized gift - with its touch of handcrafted attention - often remains valuable after the baby grows out of infancy, and remains a thing of beauty and memory even as the child grows.

            When choosing a baby shower gift, consider the usefulness of the item both to the family and to the child. A gift such as a personalized plate or utensil set, made of metal, ceramics, or other durable materials, show awareness of the child's uniqueness. They also serve as a gesture of forethought for the parents, whose budget is all too often strained as the child grows. Items such as pillow cases, blankets, and quilts can be used not only by the child but by other members of the family, as well. Such gifts can be rededicated for use by any siblings still to come. While it's true that brothers and sisters often suffer from "hand-me-down syndrome," items that can be reused are a blessing to parents eager to provide as much as possible for both children.

            Another possibility when choosing the perfect baby gifts involves pictures, video, and audio presented in a loving and timely manner. Picture frames, video presentations, or supplies for either help the family build memories and family albums. Offering a photo album to store baby's first pictures, a supply of quality film, or even cameras to record baby's first steps, meals, and even speech, provides help to parents too caught up in the moment to remember such details. Photos and video presentations are the fuel of memory. They work to keep memories fresh, to rejuvenate older memories lost to time, and provide continuity to a family's legacy.

            Finally, consider giving a gift such as a diaper cake, gift basket, or even gift set. These convenient "gifts of time" help parents get much needed items in the clinch, and help them stock up on items needed most.

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