Woodland Baby Shower Gift Inspiration

There's something comforting about the woodlands. A lush canopy of trees, adorable animals--it's no wonder that your friends or family chose this theme for their new arrival. A woodland baby shower incorporates the animals of the woodland, including deer, foxes and hedgehogs. Rather than buying generic baby items for your shower gift, why not follow the theme? Read on for some seriously adorable baby shower gift inspiration.

1. Deer Hooded Robe

Bedtime or bath time doesn't need to be boring. The new parents can create an adorable photo-op every night with this deer hooded robe. It's a soft cotton terry cloth with a deer face, ears, and antlers in the hood. Cute!

Deer Hooded Robe

2. Fox Hooded Robe

You know the parents well. Based on their personalities, are they going to have a rambunctious child? If so, get them this fox hooded robe for their upcoming sly fox. The bright orange terry cloth and cute fox face in the hood make this the ultimate bath time outfit.

Fox Hooded Robe

3. Woodland Gift Set

Four gifts are always better than one. The woodland four-piece gift set comes with baby essentials, including a bib, rattle, pacifier clip, and pair of socks. Best of all, they incorporate the woodland theme with a matching soft gray hedgehog design.

Woodland Gift Set

4. Plush Fox Bottle Buddy

Baby will need something comforting to cuddle while they drink from their bottle. A bottle buddy wraps around the bottle so they can feel safe and cozy as they sip. This plush fox bottle buddy will do the trick!

Fox Bottle Buddy

5. Woodland Hanging Growth Chart

The nursery is often forgotten when it comes to baby shower gifts. In addition to essentials like diapers and bibs, get something for the baby's new room. A woodland hanging growth chart incorporates the woodland animal theme while creating a keepsake wall hanging the parents will cherish for years to come.

Woodland Hanging Growth Chart