The Best 7 Gifts For Baby’s Bath Time

Every bath time is a magical event. With fun toys, washcloths and towels, a fun baby bath creates lasting memories. The pictures alone will grace the baby’s photo albums for decades.

Need gift ideas for fun bath time items? We rounded up our favorite seven gifts for baby’s bath time. They range from practical to fun and from inexpensive to downright lavish.

1. Elephant Hooded Towel

Why wrap the baby in a plain white towel when you can turn the little one into an adorable animal? This hooded towel has an elephant design including a trunk and ears sewn into the hood. It’s made of soft terry cloth that soaks up excess water with ease, leaving the baby cuddly and dry.

Elephant Towel | Gifts for Baby's Bath Time | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

2. Little Princess Gift Set

Want something a little more feminine? The hood of this pink princess towel features a crown design sewn into it. In addition to the hooded towel, this gift set also comes with two pretty washcloths and a pair of matching spa slippers. The little princess will love it.

Princess Towel | Gifts for Baby's Bath Time | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

3. Lion Bath Set

What about the little man? If he prefers the king of all animals, get him this lion bath set. The towel has a lion, mane and all, on the hood and a tail coming out from the bottom. It comes with a matching lion bath mitt that can go into the bathtub right along with the baby. Complete the ensemble with a pair of lion bath slippers.

Lion Towel | Gifts for Baby's Bath Time | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

4. Six-Piece Towel Bath Set

Want something simple? Skip the animal towels and go for a colorful bath set instead. This six-piece set comes with a hooded towel and five matching washcloths. You can pick the designs for each item in the set, picking from three for the hooded towel and three for the washcloths.

Towels | Gifts for Baby's Bath Time | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

5. Baby Bath Set With Caddy

This bath set comes in pink, blue, green, or gray. It’s perfect for traditional baby colors or for those who want to stay gender neutral. It features two hooded towels and two washcloths all inside a useful caddy.

Caddy | Gifts for Baby's Bath Time | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

6. Froggy Bath Gift Set

Are you the kind of friend or family member who loves to give big gifts. In that case, how about this frog-themed bath set? It comes with plush frogs, a teether, baby shampoo, washcloths, onesie and more. Best of all, it comes in a baby wash bin so you don’t have to pick out your own basket.

Frog Gift Set | Gifts for Baby's Bath Time | Kate Aspen

7. Rubber Ducky Bath Gift Set

Bigger is better, right? You have the dough and you want to spoil the little one in your life. This rubber ducky gift set has it all. It comes with basics like a blanket, hooded towel, shirt, baby caps, and washcloths. It also has helpful extras like baby shampoo, body wash, body lotion and a baby comb set. And, of course, it also has plenty of rubber duckies!

Rubber Ducky Set | Gifts for Baby's Bath Time | Corner Stork Baby Gifts