Spa Tub or Just a Baby Bath in a Bucket?

baby-spa-tub.jpgFor your consideration–the European-style Spa Tub for baby. Their advertising says, “Babies love this tub.” I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that focus group. Babies just love being loved—and if they love bath time, they don’t care if it’s in your bathtub, a reclining baby tub or a large, aluminum wash tub. They’re not likely to voice a valid opinion about your tub of choice until it’s way too late to matter. As long as the water is warm, and you’re there to help make it fun, baby’s content.

As you can see, baby sits in what the advertising says is a “natural upright position.” Is that more natural than a reclining position? It’s also promoted as “easy to use, comforting and secure for your baby.” It may be comforting and secure, but with baby’s feet, legs and tush filling up the bottom of the tub, washing some of those important, hard-to-get areas may be a bit, well, hard to get.  What do you think about this design? On the positive side, the tub is eco-friendly, with no PVC, polycarbonate, bisphenol-A or paint. On the negative side, there’s not a lot of room in there for tub toys. 

squirty-tub-zoo.jpgsplish-splash-bath-time-gift-basket.jpg And tub toys make taking a bath worthwhile! You absolutely must have room for the Squirty Tub Zoo (left) to float around. Bath time is always more fun when it’s shared. And if you’re going to get a round tub for baby to sit in, why not get one that’s full of cool bath stuff? After you take out the wash cloths, hooded towel, baby caps and booties, t-shirts, rubber duckies, baby shampoo and body wash from the Splish Splash! Bath Time Baby Gift Basket, you can replace them with warm water and baby’s bottom. Needless to say, Corner Stork Baby Gifts has bath time—and baby—covered with everything wet and wild!