A Magical Princess Party

She dreams of castles, fairy godmothers, and tiaras with just the right amount of sparkle. Your princess deserves the kind of party that only someone as royal as she can handle. We’re talking about a princess party so magical that she’ll be thinking about it for months or even years to come. It’s time to decorate this royal ball to the max. With the right splashes of pink and gold–and a super cute princess dress–this event will be worthy of the ‘gram (Instagram).

1. Princess Dress Up Set

The princess of honor needs an outfit that matches her regal aesthetic. Hand her this princess dress-up set on the morning of the big day. It comes with a cute pink and gold tutu apron with a matching crown headband and heart wand. Pair this set with a pastel pink dress for the full princess look.

Princess Party: Outfit

2. “Once Upon a Time” Banner Set

As guests enter the party, enchant them with this charming banner set. It comes with two banners to be strung along the walls. One features a string of glittery gold hearts, while the other says “Once Upon a Time” in pretty pink script.

Princess Party: Banner

3. Princess Party Poster

Personalize this poster with details for the party. The 18 by 24-inch poster has the “Once Upon a Time” motif over a pastel pink background. Best of all, this will make a nice wall-hanging in the princess’s bedroom long after the party is over.

Princess Party: Poster

4. Princess Paper Plates

Of course, you’re going to need plates for guests to put their finger sandwiches and pink lemonade-flavored cookies. Keep a stack of these princess-themed paper plates on hand. They’re covered in little gold crowns and magical castles.

Princess Party: Paper Plates

5. Magical Castle Paper Cups

What about the magical punch? Fill up these cute castle-covered paper cups with the party’s drink of choice. The pink, white, and gold design matches the aesthetic of the plates as well as the decorations for this epic princess party.

Princess Party: Paper Cups

6. Pretty Gold Compacts

Guests shouldn’t leave the party empty-handed. If you’re creating goody bags, throw in these pretty gold compacts. Personalize the pink labels with details from the party for a nice souvenir.

Princess Party: Gold Compacts

7. Vintage Milk Bottle Party Favors

Let’s say you’ve come up with your own DIY party favors. Maybe you’ve picked up a variety of pink-colored jelly beans or made your own sparkly fairy dust. If you need something to put these treats inside, consider these vintage milk bottles. You can even go the extra mile and personalize the labels.

Princess Party: Milk Bottle Favors