5 Photo-Friendly Milestone Gifts

5 Photo-Friendly Milestone Gifts

Every mommy wants to capture those special milestones in her little one’s life. From cooing to walking, each moment is so special and memorable. As your tiny infant grows, you want to remember how he could barely sit at 5 months to how you couldn’t get him to just sit around at his 11th-month b-day. Not to mention, you’ll need to share pics as every family member will be eager to see how big your nugget is getting. These 5 photo-friendly milestone-gifts will do just the trick! Keeping reading to see which ones catch your eye.

My First Milestone Baby Age Decorative Pillow

Isn’t this milestone baby age decorate pillow just the cutest? You can mark every month that your baby grows! Take the little grey elephant and put it in each monthly pocket. Get your little one to strike a pose with the pillow by his side. It’s a great addition to any nursery and even a great milestone marker to pass on your next little bundle of joy! All of your baby’s monthly pictures will be picture-perfect for the 1st year album.


My First Elephant Plush Plus Baby Milestone Markers

This elephant plush plus baby milestone markers is not only cuddly but it’s a great prop for milestone marking. Indeed, elephants are gender-neutral and this plush toy would look perfect in any nursery. Gift it to your pregnant best friend during her baby shower, and you’re sure to be deemed the best gift giver. We cannot decide which is cuter, the elephant or the baby.


My First Milestone Baby Age Blocks

A great way to celebrate your little lad’s milestones is with these milestone baby age blocks. Aren’t the blocks are so versatile? Also, they are multi-colored with many precious designs.Your little one can learn about shapes too! You can interchange the number block as each month passes and your little one grows. However, good luck getting him to stay still for a photo because he’ll probably be playing with them instead!


My First Year Whale Hanging Frame

This whale hanging frame is sure to brighten up your toddler’s room. The frame is an adorable baby shower gift. Quite a must-have as you can insert his pictures or get more creative and put fingerprints. It’s the perfect addition to any nursery and a great transitional gift to a toddlers room. As you put your little kiddo to bed, you can both talk about all those special milestone moments.

Monthly Milestone Photo Blanket

You’ll be able to show off your little girl’s every progress move with this milestone photo blanket. You can lay her down or sit her up, she can even stand to pose for her big 1 year birthday! The muslin blanket comes with a felt frame to move around as your baby ages. Use this blanket for milestones now and for your little princess to snuggle up with later.