11 Ideas for a Little Peanut Baby Shower

Peanut is the perfect nickname for a baby! If the mama-to-be is already calling her little one a little peanut, then a little peanut baby shower is the perfect theme for her. Today we’re sharing 11 ideas for throwing a little peanut shower that will welcome the new little one into the world feeling loved.

Elephant Inspired Decor

The little peanut deserves a shower as cute as they are! Decorate your space with a color palette of grays and blues and incorporate elephants and peanuts anywhere you can.

Sweet signage welcomes the guests as they enter. Cute paper garlands strung across the ceiling and tables add some color and fun to the shower space. Little elephant coasters and badges decorate the tables as guests mingle and chat with each other and the mom-to-be.

You can customize your decorations too! Personalized cups are a special touch to make this shower one of a kind, and sweet favor boxes filled with goodies are perfect party favors for your guests.

Sweet & Salty Treats

The food for a little peanut baby shower is one of the most fun parts to plan. When everything is elephant or peanut shaped, it’s more fun to eat!

Take an elephant shaped cookie cutter and use it to cut different melons for a fun and healthy fruit salad. Cookies decorated with elephants and peanuts are another sweet treat that your guests will love, and elephant shaped Rice Krispie treats are perfect for this little shower.

Add something salty to your menu too! Guests can snack on peanuts or cute cut out sandwiches that match your theme as well. Give your guests both sweet and salty snacks  to eat

Give your guests both sweet and salty snacks  to eat and you’ll have a well-balanced menu for this baby shower.

Little Peanut Gifts for Baby

Shopping for gifts is so much fun! If your guests know that the mom-to-be loves her little peanut’s nickname, they can customize their gifts to match the theme.

The elephant-inspired gift ideas are endless. From blankets to stuffed animals, onesies to room decor, this little one can be outfitted head to toe in elephant printed or inspired goodies.

If you’re looking for something special for the baby, consider finding something that mama and baby can use every day, like an elephant-eared bath towel, or something that can be a keepsake that they both cherish, like a soft blanket that is sure to become baby’s favorite. Mom and baby are sure to be spoiled with gifts from this little peanut baby shower.

With such a cute and easy to decorate theme, a little peanut baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate the new mom and her adorable little bundle!

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