Cozy, warm, wonderful! When it comes to baby blankets, we've got you covered! A baby blanket often becomes a keepsake gift, and with good reason. Easy to personalize, a baby blanket is an iconic reminder of the small, soft and sweet newborn you're welcoming to the world. What's more, blankets often become "security blankets", which this article tells you are an important part of growing up. After browsing our selection, you'll notice that, quite often, the blanket is only part of the gift. Sometimes, our blankets arrive in the arms of an adorable plush toy. Cute caps, rattles, and other toys are included in the presentation, as in "Hush Little Baby Blanket with Plush Toy". You'll also find adorable blanket alternatives in imaginatively designed snuggle sacks. Imaginative is the perfect way to describe our lovies--small blankies babies love to cuddle. Don't miss "Jakka the Giraffe", or "Dr. Suess' ABC Receiving Blanket" Without further ado, here they are!