Zinc Cures Diarrhea in Children

kid-on-toliet.jpgMany people suffer from diarrhea due to a poor diet, a rogue virus or simply by ingesting food not prepared properly. But you probably didn’t know that 2 million people a year die from it. At the time, you probably felt like you could die, but 2 million people literally die from it every year. That’s your water cooler fact for the day. Children are at an even bigger risk because their systems have a difficult time processing a lot of different types of foods it hasn’t even become accustomed to yet. Most of the children that suffered fatal bouts with diarrhea were from low to middle income families. Now thanks to a medical study out of New York, it appears that Zinc has come to the rescue.

The study showed that a treatment of Zinc supplements can cut the severity and duration of acute or persistent cases of diarrhea in children. 22 separate studies were done on over 15,000 kids and 6 of those studies were done on about 3,000 kids that were affected by persistent diarrhea. The Zinc supplements cut the average stool frequency down by 18.8% and 12.5% in children with the acute or persistent diarrhea. Additionally, the Zinc supplements also helped to prevent diarrhea.

The downside was that they did the typical study swapping a placebo and Zinc supplements and found that Zinc caused vomiting more than the placebos. The other downside is that the researchers have absolutely no idea how the Zinc is working. The researchers all conclude that Zinc does indeed help to shorten the life of and in some cases even prevent diarrhea. So if your children are old enough to take their daily vitamins, they should be able to protect themselves from most outbreaks or at least be able to keep it to a minimum duration.

Take those vitamins people!