Yummy Easter Treats!

If your children are fans of marshmallow Peeps they will love this “Raiding the Carrot Patch Peeps Pudding”!

Just nestle your little Peep into a small bowl of chocolate pudding with crumbled cookies on top and fill it with little candy carrots and there you have it!

    Easter Bunny Cupcake

    Here is an adorable cupcake creation to add to your Easter dessert extravaganza.  It starts with your favorite cupcake recipe and uses minimal ingredients that you possibly already have in your pantry.

    Your children will love these little edible Easter bunny cupcakes!

    Sweety BirdThis little Sweety Bird dessert might look like a difficult dessert but it is actually super easy! As long as you don’t mind your children eating the special ingredient…Twinkies!

    If you would like to make Easter eggs with your kids this year here is a great “how to” video.  It shows you how to make homemade dye and transform those regular hard boiled eggs into a colorful Easter decoration!