Your Man Will Be All-In For A Poker Pamper Baby Shower

poker-cards.jpgSometimes, getting a guy to go to a baby shower is almost like getting him to go the doctor or pull over to ask for directions.  But here’s one way expectant Moms can make that happen.  A Texas Hold-em Poker Pamper Party will definitely get the guys gathered around the table.

Don’t let the name throw you.  I’m not talking about “pampering” but “Pampers.”   One pack of diapers is the buy-in to play.  Sound like a fun idea?  Here’s how to stack the deck in your favor with this manly baby shower idea:

1.  Pick a Friday or Saturday for game night.

2. Choose a Western-themed invitation, and ask the guys to wear cowboy hats and western gear just for fun.

3.  Set up plenty of card tables and a buffet of everyone’s favorite snacks so they can graze all night long. Be sure there are lots of hearty foods like ribs, corn on the cob, chili or burgers.

4.  For decorations, use green felt for table cloths so they’ll feel like a real card shark.  Add some Texas flags and other items from the Lone-Star state.  If you really want to go all out, rent some poker tables from a party rental store and have somebody be the dealer.

5.  Ask each guy to bring a pack of Pampers (or any other brand of diaper) as the buy-in to play.  As far as baby gifts go, you can never have enough of them, and they’re easy for guys to shop for them. Just think of all the money you’ll save on diapers.  It’ll be just like hitting the jackpot!

lamb-mint-tins.jpgbaby-glass.jpg6.  As far as favors go, you might not think there are many baby favor ideas for this type of sit-down, but there are. In addition to the obvious choice of chocolate poker chips, you can commemorate the event with one of these personalized shot glasses.  Or how about a personalized tin of mints.  This one has a little lamb on the front, but there are dozens of other styles to choose from.  When it comes time to fold ’em, they’ll be glad to take one of these beauties home.