Wow Guests with “Over-The-Top” Baby Cakes

Baby Boy Shower CakeBaby shower cakes have come a long way! 

 What ever happened to the decorated sheet cake you got from your local grocery store with a baby carriage on top?  Not that there’s anything wrong with those cakes, it’s just that nowadays, Moms-to-be want a cake that really reflects their sense of style and personality.  So the baker’s oven has gotten turned up a notch for sure. 

Take a look at this cake for example.  This “couture” cake really caught my attention and I’m sure it would get plenty of attention if you had one at your baby shower!  Iced to perfection, it’s as cute as can be.  But watch out.  You’ve definitely got to have some skills to pull this off.  There seem to be no limits to the creativity of designs that use fondant icing–made wildly popular on Martha Stewart’s television show.  (Leave it to Martha to be trend-setting as usual!)  The icing can be rolled out and draped over the cake like dough, yielding some very extravagant and whimsical designs.   Impressive to say the least!  This cake even features a pregnant “Mom” made completely of sugar paste perched on top of this polka-dot fantasy cake.  Surrounded by cupcakes, guests can serve themselves with ease.  Just like the mom-to-be, there is surely more than a bun in this baker’s oven! 

bun-in-oven-favor.jpgWhich reminds me of another too-cute idea.  Can you imagine?  A bun-in-the-oven shower favor?  You’ll be tempted, but don’t you dare eat it!  This scented honey-bun candle looks and smells like the real thing!  And the “oven” gift box really brings off the theme.   Whether your “bun” is a boy or a girl, this favor would be the icing on the cake! 

They just keep on coming up with more and more unique baby gifts and favors to give your baby shower that extra personal touch.  Whether it’s cakes or “buns” or cookies, the ideas just keep “baking” right on in.  

But let’s face it.  There are some of us who might prefer something a little more practical to give as a shower gift.  star-cookie-cutter.jpg For those who enjoy curling up with a good book or baking cookies in your spare time (that is, if you can find any these days), then don’t think you’ve been left out either.  There are lots of practical and useful gifts that still say “Wow!”  Celebrate with this star-shaped cookie cutter.  As any Mom would agree, it proudly says that your little “twinkling star” is sure to shine the brighest.  You and your guests will be baking up a storm in no time.  Just think…welcoming your little chocolate chip never tasted to delicious!