Would You “Kick to Pick” a Name for Your Baby?

Quite a feat for a fetus! Why not let your unborn baby name itself for only $.99! That’s right! A new i-Phone app called “Kick to Pick” lets baby choose its own name through those startling, in-utero kicks mothers adore—unless, of course, baby is a budding place kicker for the Denver Broncos.

While I can’t imagine parents-to-be having no time to pick out their child’s name prior to birth, for $.99 you can be a hit at birthing classes and obstetrician waiting rooms. You just have to download and install the app, then place the i-Phone on the pregnant mom’s belly and let the list of thousands of names scroll.

When the phone detects a strong-enough movement, the scrolling stops and, lo and behold, a baby name is chosen. If you don’t like that one, you can repeat the process until baby picks a name all three of you can agree on. Silly fun! What’s next? An app that tells you when it’s time to change baby by holding the i-Phone against the diaper? Moms and dads, don’t let i-Phone apps take away all the fun of being parents–unless they launch one that you can hold against your wallet to fill it with money for college.

First, Get a Name…

Then start looking for  personalized baby gifts!

From baby clothes to wall decor, there’s a gift out there with baby’s name on it. In a subtle way, a personalized gift gives baby wise advice for a lifetime: Know Thyself!