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Would I Know You From Your Baby Photo?

No–and that has probably cost me a very large prize today. A car or a boat maybe. My company celebrated day four of National Customer Service Week with a little contest. All of our incredible customer service representatives (CSR) posted numbered baby photos of themselves on the bulletin board in the call center. The rest of us were given sheets of paper with the names of all our CSRs and 13 slots to match the baby photo with the person. Granted, I’m at a slight disadvantage because I’ve only been here a couple of months, but you’d think you could look at a person and then identify their baby photo. Not so–especially if several of the baby photos provided show them at less than a year old. I never realized how similar babies that age could look. I’d stare at a CSR for a few moments, and then I’d go to the bulletin board where I’d find at least three photos that could be the correct match. Even the photos of three- and four-year-olds were tough to match. There were only one or two easy matches–at least for me. I gave up and went back to work. I hope the next contest like that requires that their photos be high school age or older. At least I’d have a shot…