Working During Pregnancy? Here are Some Valuable Tips!

pregnant-office.jpgThe statistics are in, and more moms-to-be are working through your pregnancy–and into your eighth month–than ever before. Bottom line, you need to listen to your bodies, take breaks and eat right. Here are some more great tips from the Mayo Clinic:


  • Avoid nausea triggers. Stay away from the cafeteria or the break room to steer clear of smells that trigger your nausea
  • Snack often. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in a drawer at work. Include crackers for nausea.
  • Drink lots of fluids.  Sip on a water bottle throughout the day.
  • Slow down in the morning. Get ready for work a little earlier, because rushing can cause nausea.
  • Get plenty of sleep. You’ll feel better and will be less likely to become nauseated.


  • Take short, frequent breaks. Get up. Move around. Put your feet up and close your eyes for a few moments. You’ll need your strength for the baby shower your co-workers are throwing for you!
  • Reschedule your day if necessary. Pay attention to your energy levels and try to work when you’re not exhausted.
  • Scale back on outside activities. Let someone else do the shopping or mow the lawn.
  • Keep exercising. Take a walk. Join a prenatal fitness class.
  • Hit the sack early. If you’re tired at 7PM, turn out the lights and let your head hit the pillow.


  • Sitting. Good lower back support is crucial. An adjustable chair is best, but if you don’t have one, use a pillow for your back and elevate your feet on a footrest.
  • Standing. If you must stand for long periods of time (which may lead to pain, dizziness and pressure on your back,) put one of your feet up on a footrest, low stool or box, and switch feet every so often. Take frequent breaks, and wear comfortable shoes. Support hose can help, too.
  • Bending and Lifting. Bend at the knees. Keep the load close to your body and lift with your legs–not your back. Ask for help with heavy loads–like all the baby shower gifts you receive from your co-workers!


  • Stay in control. Make a to-do list and delegate, delegate, delegate.
  • Stay positive. Laugh at life, and avoid negative people.
  • Talk about it. Don’t keep your frustrations inside. Talk to friends, family or your spouse.
  • Let it go. If you can’t change a situation, forget about it.
  • Relax. Slow breathing. Yoga. Meditation.

grater.jpg TAKE PROPER PRECAUTIONS! Long commutes, excessive heat, prolonged standing, heavy lifting, heavy vibrations and exposure to harmful substances increase your risk of complications during pregnancy. If your job puts you in these situations, talk to your healthcare provider and decide together what, if any, modifications to your work duties might be necessary. Remember, you’re working for two now!