Wives’ Tale about Tooth Loss and Pregnancy Confirmed

old-woman.jpgGoverning your life by an old wives’ tale may seem a little old fashioned. But many people live by them, even though they can’t be proven scientifically. Sometimes, it’s just some old fashioned wisdom that seems to make sense. Other times, not. You know the ones like, “if you cross your eyes, they will stay that way.” For those of you who can’t wait to get your ultrasound, you might want to go by the one that says, “Extra weight out front means a girl, and weight around the hips and bottom indicate a boy.” If all else fails, you can always dangle a ring on a string over your belly and see which way it swings. If it swings from side to side, it’s a girl. But if it swings in a circle, it’s a boy. Go figure. (I wonder what happens if there are twins–one boy and one girl. Does the ring go haywire?)

But there’s one wives’ tale that has gotten some validation from the medical community. The old saying that, “the mother loses a tooth for every child” may not be that far from the truth. Now, that’s a scary thought! For those of you who are staring at the possibility of a toothless grin, don’t worry. While tooth loss during pregnancy is common, it is preventable.

According to a recent study of 2,635 women conducted by Dr. Stefanie Russell, “women who have more children are more likely to have missing teeth.” Biological and behavioral changes related to pregnancy and child birth are likely to be a factor in tooth loss, according to Dr. Russell, an assistant professor of epidemiology and health promotion at the New York University College of Dentistry. She found that:

* Pregnancy can make women susceptible to gingivitis (gum inflammation). Repeated pregnancies are likely to result in more frequent outbreaks of gingivitis that may lead to tooth loss in women with periodontitis.

* A woman may postpone seeking dental treatment because of financial concerns related to having children.

* Caring for more children may lead a mother to cut back on the time she devotes to herself, including her own dental care.

silver-photo-album.jpgHow do you counteract these biological and socio-economic factors? Rather than cut back on the number of children you might wish to have, make a commitment to take better care of your teeth. As I mentioned, tooth loss is totally preventable. Taking the time to brush and floss daily along with regular checkups can give you something to smile about! Keep your smile ready for those photos of you and your baby. There’ll be plenty of cameras around, and you will want to fill up an album like this with photos of you and your baby looking your picture-perfect best.

angel-diaper-cake.gifOne sure-fire way to protect your smile is to limit sugary snacks. So skip the dessert at the baby shower and enjoy one of these delightful diaper cakes instead. The recipe for this cake includes all sorts of baby necessities, like booties, blanket, hooded towel and diapers, of course! A great twist on the angel food cake, it’s the sweetest Angel cake I’ve ever seen. Don’t you agree? It’s the perfect non-fattening gift for you and baby to enjoy.

Talk about having your cake and (not) eating it, too!