With These New Designs, Our Diapers Take The Cake!

These sweet cakes will keep everyone on their diet!  I don’t know who originally came up with this creative idea, but diaper cakes are a wonderful addition to any shower.  Starting out as a crafter’s favorite–only made by a select few do-it-yourselfers–they’ve now become a mainstream baby-gift standard that has so many versatile uses.

Here’s why we love them!

  • They’re probably the most practical baby shower gift around
  • A new mom can never have too many diapers
  • They can be used as a unique baby gift AND also as a centerpiece for the baby shower
  • You can find one in just about every theme imaginable
  • A variety of sizes to fit any budget (We’ve even got “cupcakes” for those who just want a little taste!)

As you can see, we think diaper cakes are just the perfect gift–and we’re sure you will, too!  You’ll never guess how many different styles and sizes we have to choose from on the Corner Stork Baby Gifts website.  There are 54 different diaper cakes in all!  Now, that’s a sweet temptation!  Here are just a few of my favorites: