Why This Baby Advice Puts The “Old” In Old-School

Change is just a part of life, and most times change is good.  We learn.  We grow.  We discover new things about ourselves and the world around us.  When it comes to baby’s world, there’s always a lot of change going on from first steps to the first word.  But, this time what is changing is the advice!

Yes, it seems that Dr. Spock and others may have gotten it wrong.  Could it be that all of the “sound” advice your great grandmother gave you isn’t so “sound” after all?  Well, according to Parents Magazine advisor Ari Brown, M.D. and author of  Baby 411, it just might not be.  Here’s a list of things she says you SHOULD throw out with the baby’s bath water.







Let The Fin Begin Shark Robe






Old: Infants need to be bathed every day.
New: Babies really only need to be bathed every two or three days, but if you still want that daily cleansing be sure to moisturize baby’s skin afterwards.  (But in my opinion, there’s nothing better after a bath than to keep baby warm and cozy in a fun bath robe.)

Old: Ssh!  Babies need peace, quiet and dark to sleep.
New: Actually, a little background noise doesn’t hurt, and it might even help him be able to sleep in a variety of situations.

Old: Let your baby cry it out; you’ll spoil her if you pick her up whenever she’s crying.
New: Beyond sucking and being swaddled, it seems that young babies don’t have the ability to soothe themselves like those who are over 4 months of age.  So, picking the baby up actually helps reassure and comfort your newborn baby.

Old: Sunscreen is bad for babies.
New: In most cases, you’re better off safe than sorry, since the risk of skin cancer far outweighs any possible skin reaction to the sunscreen.  Stay out of the sun during the hottest portion of the day and use sunscreen with at least 15 SPF if baby will be in the sun. Minimal amounts on specific areas like the face and hands are suggested by The AAP.

Old: To sleep through the night, put rice cereal in your infant’s bottle.
New: While this may be true for infants over 6 months, you really shouldn’t introduce solids to a young baby because it can cause them to have trouble sleeping.  Research also reveals that there is even a link between that and obesity later in life.

PediPed Baby Shoes w/Non-Skid Sole

Old: Hard-soled shoes protect baby’s delicate feet and keep them properly aligned.
New: Slick-bottom, hard-sole shoes may actually be a hindrance because they prevent babies from using their toes to grip and they can slip on slick surfaces.  Try baby shoes with a good grip on the bottom instead, like these newborn shoes from PediPed with a soft, non-skid sole.

Old: You should wake baby up in the night to change a wet diaper.
New: Actually urine is pretty sterile, so if you’ve got an absorbent diaper, you’re good to go–unless there’s poop in the diaper–then it has to be changed to avoid urinary tract and bladder infections.

Well, there you have it!  The old and the new.  No matter what things may change, one piece of advice will still remain the same–all you need is love!