When You’re Out on the Town With Baby Diapers and Tushie Wipers!


First, Some Fun!

Happy Tuesday! Today’s blog starts out with a quick quiz. Take a look at the photo on the right. Is it:
a) Angelina Jolie
b) Octomom with 1/14 of her army

If you guessed a, of course, you’re right. What gave it away for you? For me, it was the diaper bag. A woman with 14 kids–eight of them infants–would be schlepping a U-Haul behind her with all the things she’ll need for kids’ day out. With thanks to MarloElaine’s blog, here’s her list and a photo of items that need to travel with moms on the move:

Items for Baby:
Cloth bibs
Burp cloths
Diapers (2-3)
Baby wipes
Lap pad
Change of clothes (onesie, socks, hat, pants, long-sleeve shirt)
Blanket (in case baby gets cold or wants to play on the floor/glass)
Infant Motrin and syringe, Tylenol Suppository and lubricant
Bulb syringe & saline water
Infant feeding kit (2 oz. water, bottle with 1 scoop formula, 1 nipple)
diaper-bag-contents.jpg Cherrios and crackers – snacks for baby

Items for Toddler:
Diapers (2)
Baby wipes
Lap pad
Change of clothes (t-shirt, socks, pants, long-sleeve shirt)
Children’s Motrin and Syringe
Snacks (fruit snacks, cheese crackers, raisins, etc.)
Disposable bib
Toys, crayons, and paper

Items for Mom:
Extra t-shirt
Bottled water
Snacks (granola bar, fruit, etc.)
First Aid Kit (adhesive bandages, alcohol pads, antibiotic ointment, gauze, etc.)

No, octomom isn’t going anywhere with all her kids at once until they’re all kindergarten graduates. But if you’re a normal, new mom (emphasis on normal) who likes to be on the go with her baby, you can find lots of stylish diaper bags—just as fashionable as Angelina’s—to sling over your shoulder, and you’ll pay a fraction of the price. I’d like to show you three primary styles and the differences between them:

tote-diaper-bag.jpgTote or Sling Style: Totes (left) have been around for a few decades, but the newest designs are hot enough for today’s mom. They have plenty of pockets, compartments and amenities to store everything you need safely. Sling bags are an offshoot of totes, and like totes, they look like oversized purses. Also called hobo bags, sling bags are great for active parents because of their versatility and smaller design.

messenger-bag1.jpg Messenger Style: They’re called messenger bags (right) because of the across-the-chest strap (which made the bag comfortable and easy for messengers to carry,) their many pockets and compartments and the flip-top flap which lets the user access the bag without having to put it down. The messenger-style diaper bag gives you the same nooks, crannies, etc. for stuff as the other styles.

backpack-diaper-bag.jpg Backpack Style: Certainly a matter of preference, these diaper bags (left) are modeled after a standard hiking pack. Some backpack diaper bags have adjustable straps so you can wear it over the shoulder, too, and they have the same pockets, compartments and amenities as the tote and messenger bags.

Just pick the style that works best for you, and thank your lucky stars you’re not the octomom.