When It Comes To Baby Births, The Ones Have It!

Earlier this year, we shared the news about twins born on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Straddling the stroke of midnight, one was born in 2010, and the other was born in 2011.  They were doubly remarkable because of the date and time they were born.  But I may have come across a new set of babies (not twins) whose births may top that!

The Ones Have It!

I guess you could say that the number ONE will definitely be their lucky number!  Born on January 11, 2011 at 11:11 am, Tyler Ashton Marx made it into the record books.  That’s 1/11/11 at 11:11 in case you didn’t get that.  What are the chances that this could happen without a C-section or prior planning?  According to Mom, the clock had just ticked 11:11 am when her son was born.  A minute earlier, and this wouldn’t have happened.  Both parents, Jared and Leslie Marx of Meridian, Idaho were ecstatic, especially since proud new Dad Jared Marx is serving in Iraq and watched his son’s birth at St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center over the Internet.

Interestingly enough, little Tyler wasn’t the only birth surrounded by ones.  Although she got one less one, Amy Zeller and Codjo Mensah of Minnesota welcomed Flora Mensah to the world at 1:11 a.m on January 11th.  That’s 1/11/11 at 1:11 am.  I don’t know about you but all of these ones are driving me crazy! I guess someone should tell Three Dog Night that One ISN’T the loneliest number anymore.

A Remarkable Birth Deserves Remarkable Gifts

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