What to Expect For 2011 Baby Names

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2010, our thoughts can’t help but look towards the coming year.  If you’re expecting your baby in 2011, I’m sure you’re already tossing a few baby names around in your head.  Influenced by celebrities, family names, and just things that sound interesting, the list for 2011 is filled with some unique monikers to consider.

What’s in a name?

According to BabyCenter.com , Sophia and Aiden will continue to top the charts this coming year.  But, there are a few others to be on the look out for in the top 100…

  • Girls’ names: Layla, Lila, Evelyn, Charlotte, Lucy, Ellie, Aaliyah, Bella, Claire, and Aubrey.
  • Boys’ names: Eli, Colton, Grayson, Wyatt, Henry, Mason, Landon, Charlie, Max, and Chase.

Others that are on the rise (but not quite in the top 100) are:  Isla, Adalyn, Giuliana, Olive, Kinsley, Evangeline, Paisley, Vivienne, Maci, and Kinley for girls.  And Bentley, Kellan, Kingston, Aarav, Ryker, Beckett, Colt, Paxton, Jax, and Lincoln for boys.

Want something really unique?

While all the above names are nice, I have to consider parents who want their child’s name to be as far away from the top 100 as possible.  They’re looking for something truly unique.  Here are my top picks for something a little off the beaten path:


Adelyte (German): Has good humor

Alesta (Turkish): At a ready state, on the alert, watchful. From the Italian origin

Alivia (American English): Modern respelling of the name Olivia. Olivia (Latin): Olive

Alondra (Greek, Spanish): Defender.

Chriselda (German): Strong


Derora (Hebrew): Free

Desyre (English): Much desired. Variant of French Desiree

Kaliona (Hawaiian): One lion

Lyra (Greek): A verse that is sung to a melody

Mika (Native American): Intelligent raccoon

Pepita (Spanish): He shall add

Rylee (English): Rye clearing. An unisex name. Respelling of Riley; popular on girls

Yelena (Greek): Wicker, reed, shoot; torch; basket

Yve (Latin, Hebrew, Jewish): Alternate spelling for Eve


Amani (Arabic, Swahili): Desires; aspirations; wishes. And for the Swahilian origin it means Harmony; peace.

Bridger (Irish): Associated with the goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom and daughter of the god Dagda in Irish mythology

Carmelo (Hebrew): Fruitful orchard. Refers to Mount Carmel in Palestine

Dantrell (Hebrew): Variant of Daniel God is my judge

Fontayne (French): Fountain; water source



Jet, Jett (English): Black gemstone

Kayse (English): Alternate spelling of Casey

Leonzo (Latin): Lion


Xanthus (Greek): Yellow. Latinised version of the Greek word ‘xanthos’. Xanthus was one of the names of the river of Troy

If you ask me, names like these deserve to be displayed on everything you can find–especially personalized baby gifts.  There’s no better way to instill pride and character in a child than by them seeing their name “in lights.”  Printed on baby clothes, blankets, bags and keepsake items, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate baby–and their unique name!