What are the Odds: Idential Twins Give Birth On Same Day!

I know that identical twins are typically close.  Wanting to wear the same things, do the same things, attend the same schools and even marry on the same day, the mirrored bond shared in their lives is undeniable.  But, these identical twins in Indiana take the “twin thing” one step farther and give birth–together!

It just happened

Now, I’m not sure whether one was just trying to keep up with the other in the delivery room, but it seems from the very beginning, they were destined to give birth together.  Jessica Patterson, 21, came home and shared the news that she was expecting, and a few weeks later her sister Jennifer Patterson, 21, found out that she was also expecting.  With the births expected to happen a few weeks apart, no one thought it would happen on the same day.

Keeping Up With The Kinfolk

When Jessica went to the hospital to induce labor for her little one, it was actually Jennifer that went into labor!  Was it a subconscious desire to be identical to her sister that prompted the premature labor?  No one knows.  But, now the two sisters who share so much in common now share one thing more–their baby’s birth dates.  They’re so close, can they be considered twins themselves?!

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