We Have The Gifts Jennifer Hewitt Loves!

We love our baby gifts, but it’s always nice to know that others love them, too!  They’ve been the guest of honor at lots of baby showers, delivery rooms and first trips home from the hospital.  So, you can imagine our excitement when we saw that two of our popular baby gifts were “guests” at the baby shower Jennifer Love Hewitt threw for her sister in law.

Skimming through the latest OK Magazine article about the shower, there they were…front and center.  With our first look at the photo, we saw Jo Jo the Giraffe smiling back at us with his signature Velcro arms nestling the keepsake box that holds the soft, yellow blankie with his image embroidered in the corner.  Then our eyes opened wide to discover Dilly the Duck had come along for the ride.  A great bath time gift set, baby will love snuggling in the hooded towel, slippers and washcloth.



From the looks of the gift table, Jo Jo and Dilly were in good company.  Everyone says they make great baby gifts.  So, if you’d like to have them at your celebration, click on over to Corner Stork Baby Gifts.  Although we’re not entirely sure if the gifts were purchased from us, it’s nice to know we’ve got the stuff she loves!