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Was Beyonce’s “Bouncing Baby” Bump Bogus?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. According to insider news sources (and I take everything I see or hear with a grain of salt these days), Beyonce’s baby bump at the Video Music Awards was fake. Apparently, she’s only couple of months preggers, so her “bump” wasn’t prominent. To up the drama, she used a prosthetic belly. It certainly worked, didn’t it? The question is–why the need for dishonesty?

Why the Lie?

Did Beyonce and Jay-Z think people wouldn’t be over-the-moon happy for them if they announced her pregnancy when she didn’t have much to show for it? Does drama have to be added to every celebrity’s life to keep them in the headlines? Wouldn’t the headline “Beyonce is Pregnant!” become overshadowed by the headline that reads, “Beyonce Fakes Baby Bump!”? In today’s world, when people–especially celebrities (including politicians)–are under a public microscope 24/7, why would you set yourself up for a fall (i.e. being caught in a lie, no matter how harmless)? The only reason I can muster is the old adage, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.”

I Still Don’t Get It

Since when does Beyonce have trouble getting positive publicity? Even with no belly showing, her fans would have been thrilled to learn she’s going to be a mother.  For me, this whole charade reinforces the sad truth about today’s technology- and social media-driven world–we can no longer believe anything we see or hear in the media. Photoshop, film and TV technology (which produces some extraordinary movies for which we willingly suspend our disbelief), lie upon lie and audience manipulation from once-credible news agencies and, of course, the empty promises of politicians have created a world where nothing we see or hear can be trusted.

The Truth About Reality Shows


I think you probably already know this. They’re scripted. The fights, the drama, all the issues–scripted for the most part.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t watch.  Even some of the drama on shows like “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” is contrived to make “reality” more interesting to the viewers. Will that stop me from watching “American Idol” or “Dancing With the Stars”? Of course not.  I just ignore the drama and take the heartbreaking back stories for what I know they’re worth.


Back to Beyonce

As with anything I see or hear in the media, I have no idea if the story of her bogus baby bump is true. And in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other. We all believe what we want to believe, nothing more. Nothing less. Here’s something I do believe…

Beyonce and Jay-Z”s baby will be a media darling. Even if she did attempt to fake us out, we’re tickled blue that she’s having a baby boy, and he’ll be showered with baby boy gifts! If you’re a fan and want to get “little Z” a gift, choose something sensational from The Corner Stork, one of the best online baby gift sites around! And that’s the truth!