Vintage Baby Toys Never Go Out Of Style

frolicking-frog.jpgRemember the toys you grew up with…Jack in the Box, a handful of jacks and a high flying yo-yo? Those were the days! Even now, these toys bring back fond memories of life way before the techno revolution. It was a simpler time when it didn’t take a whole lot of gizmos to have fun. Well, Corner Stork Baby Gifts is committed to keeping those days alive and well, letting you escape back to that simple goodness with vintage baby gifts and toys.

Now your baby can enjoy some of the same youthful joy you did with these vintage baby gifts that are still just as appealing and entertaining as ever. (The bright smile on this little boy’s face proves it!) There’s nothing like pulling a wooden frog and watching it bounce and roll with delight. Hours of chasing fun awaits, and the best thing is–no batteries required! Thank goodness for those non-skid wheels! Giving a child this toy is not only fun, it’s educational! Pull toys are a great way to teach coordination and motor skills.

knob-puzzle.jpgwooden-tool-kit.jpgThis jumbo knob puzzle is a fun teaching tool, as well. Little fingers can easily grasp the knobs on the barnyard animals and find the shapes they fit into. Another great thing about wooden toys is that they are built to last–sturdy enough to handle child’s play. Speaking of wooden toys, can’t you just imagine your little craftsman having some banging, hammering, crashing fun with this take-along wooden tool kit. With 24 pieces, there are plenty of ways to spark his creativity.

mother-goose.jpgjack-in-the-box.jpgThese are just some of the great wooden toys at Corner Stork Baby Gifts. But if you’re looking for a gift that really takes you back, you have to see the classic jack-in-the-box toys. Just wind them up and get ready for the surprise greeting! They make wonderful sibling gifts for your new baby to give to big brother or sister–Jack the Dog for him and Fifi for her! Or they might enjoy this Mother Goose nursery rhyme set so they can read to the baby. With classic nursery rhyme books tucked inside, it’s a delightful goose of a gift!

With all that said, shopping at Corner Stork Baby Gifts will never go out of style either!