Unique Decoration Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

It’s been a whole year since your little one finally entered the world. Your baby is the light of your life, and you’re excited to celebrate his or her first birthday. You could cover the place in pastel streamers, but you might want to go with something a little more unique. These are a few first birthday party decorations you’ll love!

Your Baby’s Year In Pictures

A lot can change in just twelve months. Your baby is so different now that it can be difficult to even remember baby as a newborn. Good thing you have pictures over the months! Display them in a banner so guests can “ooh” and “ahh” over the photos.

First Birthday Party Decorations: Photo BannerEtsy / ConfettiMommaParty

You could also use a keepsake frame that shows off baby’s newborn picture along with her measurements for each month.

First Birthday Party Decorations: Keepsake Frame

Creative Number One Placement

Instead of big, multicolored “1” balloons, incorporate fancy decorations in strategic places in your home. This sparkly number will have a classic spot on your mantel.

First Birthday Party Decorations: Sparkly Gold OneCarolina Charm

DIY a cardboard number one and cover it in flowers, real or fake, for a classy and pretty way to display the big number.

First Birthday Party Decorations: Flower OneAdam Frazier Photography

First Birthday Parties For Every Season

If you’re having trouble coming up with decorating ideas, use the season as inspiration. Snowflakes are quintessential for a winter first birthday party.

First Birthday Party Decorations: Snowflake BannerEtsy / SimplyInspireDesigns

While flowers and other plants are a good choice for spring, go with pinwheels, too! They’re easy to make and can double as something for the birthday boy or girl can play with during the party.

First Birthday Party Decorations: PinwheelsChristy Hollywood Photography

A “Farmers Market” or watermelon inspired party is a fresh theme for a summer first birthday party. Not only can it act as a super cute decoration, but it’s also a refreshing snack!

First Birthday Party Decorations: Watermelon BannerEtsy / MsRogersNeighborhood

Embrace nature with a fall first birthday party. Trim decorations in red flannel and burlap for the cutest “Little Camper” themed bash. It’s even better if you can have the party in a log cabin!

Happy Camper Birthday Party Hostess With The MostessHostess With The Mostess

How will you be throwing your little one’s first birthday bash?