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U.K. – Babies From Donors Must Be Denoted

Mr. Christopher here once again. Well, it appears that Telegraph in the United Kingdom released an interesting article about babies being born natural as a result of the, um, standard process versus babies born as a result of egg donation. Apparently, the U.K. felt that it was necessary that babies born from such donations need to be denoted as such on their birth certificates.

The reasoning? The parents can’t be trusted to tell the children the truth about their real heritage when they get older. A fertility expert named Baroness Warnock says, “We need to make it more difficult for parents to deceive their children. It is awful that children can live completely unaware of the truth.”

baby-in-egg-copy.jpgIf that reasoning isn’t twisted enough, they also say that it will be helpful in assisting the child as an adult to avoid having inappropriate relationships with relatives that they may not know are their relatives. There is so much to say about this particular reasoning that I’m just going to let you marinate on that for yourself. In the U.K. about 7000 women receive donations like this that result in about 2000 babies.

So where is this bill? It was passed. Yes, you heard correctly, it was passed. They are now deciding on the symbol that will be used on these birth certificates to distinguish them from a natural birth. So I’ve come up with a logo that they can use.

Leave it to me.