Two Thumbs Up For Baby Sign Language!

Well, it’s official.  Baby sign language is getting rave reviews.  Not only is it an easy way to communicate with baby before he or she can speak, but babies who sign typically start speaking at a younger age that babies who don’t.  It even answers that age old question, “I wonder what babies are thinking?” and tells you what’s on their mind.

One Mom taught her 6-month old (who suffered from frequent ear infections resulting in temporary deafness) to sign for milk, and by the time she was 10 months she knew around 30 signs. Here are some simple signs that you can teach your baby:


Let the talking begin!

The easiest way to teach a sign is to say it while doing the action at the same time. For example, you could hold the baby bottle or bowl of food and say, “Eat” while making the sign. Then while they are eating or drinking, make the sign a couple more times as you say the word.  Before you  know it, your child will recognize the sign and get excited because he knows it’s mealtime!  It won’t be long before he starts doing the sign when he’s ready to eat.



rabbit-plush.jpgBaby toys make great signs, too!

When it comes to signing for playtime, you have two choices.  You could make the sign above or just hold up one of the fabulous baby gifts from Corner Stork, like this plush rabbit, as you say the word “play.”  And, why not?  This bunny is soft, cuddly and cute all over.  It would definitely put me in the mood for play.  So, I’m sure it will be easy for your little signing superstar to catch on.

Just think…when your baby signs his first word, it will be almost exciting as when he says it!