Trendy Clothes for Tiny Toes! Baby Gifts Follow in Footsteps!

baby-toes.jpgWe love to kiss them and play “this little piggy went to market” with them, ’cause baby’s feet are so darn cute! And when it gets a little nippy, or when it’s baby’s day out, those tender feet need protection. If baby is too small for shoes, socks are the standard footwear. In the past, baby socks have been boring–some white, some with color, some with a little lace or scalloped tops. Not anymore!

Today little Susie’s socks suit her style! Tiny Tommy’s toe-coverings are tailored to his taste! And baby socks –which used to be a humdrum, although practical, choice for a baby gift–are now smart, jazzy, attention-grabbing accessories that are as much fun to shop for as they are for baby to wear. Wild prints and clever designs–many that can be meaningful to Mom and Dad–are right at your fingertips, waiting to enclose those toes.

baby-boy-camo-with-box-m.jpgbaby-girl-camo-with-box-s.jpg Let’s say mom or dad is in the armed forces. No civilian footwear for a military munchkin! Each pair features a different camo pattern, for all of baby’s “adventures,” including forest, desert, arctic, urban, and more! There’s a set of camouflage footies just perfect for baby boy, and baby girl gets her own chic set, too. They arrive in a cute retro-style box, just perfect for gift wrapping and storage. These socks are not just made for military newborns–they’re the socks of choice for children of avid hunters and campers.

mary-janes.jpgbaby_ballerina-socks-m.jpg Let’s move out of macho land for a moment and be real. When it comes to footwear, we girls are much more into what we put on our tootsies than boys. If you’re looking for some unusual baby gift ideas for a little girl, why not show her how to put her best foot forward? There’s one shoe that never goes out of style, and that’s our old faithful Mary Janes. They’re simple, usually black and famous for the strap across the instep. With a set of Mary Jane socks, that beautiful baby girl gets a legendary pair of “shoes” and socks to go with practically everything! If visions of sugar plums dance in Mom’s head, and she believes she’s got a budding prima ballerina, there are colorful “toe shoes” for those dainty digits. She’s ready to dance into your heart!

hdsock.jpgsneakers.jpg Back in boys’ town, there are several sock choices that match the male lifestyle. If Mom and Dad are into motorcycles, now baby can come along for the ride with hip Harley-Davidson socks–sporting the famous motorcycle and classic Harley Davidson orange, black, and white design–that will have the whole family in “hog” heaven! With most guys into the sports thing, athletic shoes are a logical choice for the future football hero. These adorable sneaker socks will give him that winning edge. They even have real laces! girlssneaks.jpgOf course, ever since the passage of Title IX, girls have equal access to the playing field, so they’ll need sneakers, too. She’ll get in the game wearing sassy, little, high-top socks made to look like sneakers with laces and a white sock at the top. And, of course, they come in flashy, feminine colors–purple, orange, pink, turquoise, chartreuse and fuchsia!

Socks have been around since ancient Roman times, and like everything else, they’ve evolved. These days socks come in many fabrics, styles, colors and prints, but it’s only recently that designers have become ultra-creative with socks for babies. Treat those tiny tootsies to the latest in foot fashion. Now it’s easy to give a baby gift that will knock their socks off!