Travel Just Got Easier for On-The-Go Moms and Kids

travelmate.jpgHow many times have you pressed your way through the airport while juggling your luggage, a baby, a stroller and a car seat for the flight?  With all of that in tow, even the simplest of tasks can quickly become overwhelming and near impossible.  You could navigate your way with no problem if you had a few extra hands or a personal assistant.  But alas, you have neither.

But what you can have is a TravelMate.  When I saw this product, I couldn’t help but think, “Why didn’t I come up with that?”  As you can see in the picture, this handy gadget attaches to just about any type of baby car seat, giving you wheels and the freedom to zip through the airport and tight spaces with ease.  Baby can enjoy the view, securely strapped into the car seat, which is attached to the carrier.

Here ‘s why so many Moms have found it to be a great help:

  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Compact and lightweight–only weighing 5 lbs.
  • Telescoping handle with four positions
  • Attaches to most car seats
  • Keeps one hand free, and there’s no need for a stroller

FAA rules require children under 40 lbs. to travel by airplane in a car seat, so ditching it to lighten your load is not an option.  Besides, you’ll need it for the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel.  But for children up to 50 lbs., the TravelMate is a great way for Mom and Dad to reduce back strain and the amount of gear they travel with.

car-seat-mirror2.jpgdiaper-bag-black.jpgWhile this product is helpful, I can think of two other thing that Moms-on-the-go may need.  One is a great diaper bag!  Roomy with plenty of pockets, this stylish diaper bag set makes sure she has all of her baby’s gear organized and accessible.  It even has a separate bottle holder that’s insulated.  Those Moms who are flying around town instead of in the air are sure to appreciate this second helpful item–a car seat mirror.  It attaches to the car seat or headrest so that Mom and Dad can easily keep an eye on baby in the rear-view mirror.  Both of them make excellent baby gifts!