Top Parenting Firsts Left Untold

Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful experience!  Going through life with your baby day by day means that every day is always filled with new adventures.

Most new moms and dads have already gone to friends and family for baby advice before they even have their baby, however, there are many pieces of information that go left untold.

Here are the top parenting “firsts” that no one tells you about:

1. The first time you handle a blow out diaper.

2. The first time your baby pees (and then poops) on you.

3. The first time your breastfeeding baby bites your nipple.

4. First time your baby smacks his head into your nose and you get a nose bleed.

5. First time you have to suction out your sick baby’s nose and snot gets everywhere.

6. The first time your kids get “too quiet” and you go to check on them and discover that they got flour all over the living room / painted the dog red / got into your makeup, etc.

7. Your first time parenting while hungover.