Top 4 Things to Do While You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in a woman’s life. While it is important to nurture the baby you are carrying while you are pregnant, it is also important to focus on your own needs and be sure to fulfill them as well.

1. Put Yourself First

Once your baby arrives you will have no more time to think of yourself or put yourself first. The time during your pregnancy is literally your last time to actually be selfish, so take advantage!
2. Sleep, sleep, sleep

Don’t be afraid to spend the majority of your day resting or sleeping every now and then during your pregnancy. Sleep will be a thing of the past during those first few months when your baby arrives so get it in while you can!
3. Be Spontaneous

Being able to be spontaneous isn’t very realistic when you have a newborn baby. So don’t think twice about jumping up and joining in on the fun while you can with your friends or family, especially if it is last minute.
4. Dress Up

Dressing up is a way to make you feel beautiful so don’t be afraid to flaunt your pregnant belly with some of your finest jewelry, shoes, and handbag for a night on the town!