Top 3 Baby Shower Animal Themes & Gifts

With all the cuddly creatures out there, animal themes are a must for baby showers. Pick an animal theme and deck out the party in cute little baby versions for the décor, party favors, and baby gifts. Not sure what theme to choose? Check out our top three favorite baby shower animal themes.

1. Woodland Animals

The Theme

Picture cute little foxes, bears, deer, and squirrels peaking out from behind a stand of birch trees. Not only does a perfect woodland animals baby shower feature the animals of the woods, but they also work best when you feature trees and leaves in the décor design as well. That delicate wooded aesthetic will turn this baby shower from boring to chic.

Guest Book

Favor Boxes


Advice + Guessing Game Bundle


The Gifts

Luckily, there are cuddly versions of everyone's favorite woodland creatures. Whether as a traditional owl stuffed animal or a fox-shaped toddler chair, you've got a plethora of gifting options. Pair these with a practical gift like a pack of infant diapers and the new parents will be thanking you.

Fox Character Chair 


Owl Teacher 3-Piece OccuPLAYtion Baby Gift Set


Racy Raccoon Plush Lovey

2. Nautical Animals

The Theme

Nothing beats the magic of the sea. A proper nautical animals theme features your favorite sea creatures like whales, sharks, and seashells. Pair these fun animals with a surf-inspired color scheme of white, sand, and delicate shades of blue.




The Gifts

There are several sea animals that make perfect baby gifts for a nautical shower. Embrace whales with a baby blanket or cute little sun hat. If the kings of the sea are a favorite, try a shark-themed gift set.

Personalized Stroller Blanket 

Baby Gift Set

Sun Hat


3. Safari Animals

The Theme

Safari animals are incredibly popular when it comes to baby shower themes and nursery décor--and for good reason. Elephants, lions, and hippos are all larger than life and add a bit of the spectacular to the event. For décor, go for soft pastels, large leaf centerpieces, and twinkle lights to compliment the safari animal decorations.

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The Gifts

The best baby gifts are both useful for the parents and fun for the baby. For instance, a cuddly lion hooded towel dries off Baby after bath time while letting them be cute and cozy. Other fun gift ideas in the safari animals theme include a hippo plush gift set and an elephant bank for the nursery.

Lion Hooded Towel


Hippo Dentist 3-Piece OccuPLAYtion Baby Gift Set

Elephant Bank