Top 10 Wierdest Baby Shower Cakes

Most of the time at a baby shower the cake is the centerpiece,  the main attraction, the thing everybody can’t wait to see and then dig into!  However, we’ve found a few baby shower cakes that might have you running for the door if you were attending these baby showers!

Here are the top 10 most ridiculous, yet hilarious, baby shower cakes to have ever been created:

1. Get me outta here!

Who would ever think to put a baby doll in a spherical, blue cake covered in flowers?

Help! I'm Stuck

courtesy Sarcastic Sarcasms

2. Elephant Feet

Oh, let’s just add some little baby feet and legs to this cake…the elephant just isn’t cute enough!

A Baby Sandwich

courtesy instagram amyeliz1231

3. It’s all in the details

I guess this expecting mom is proud to be an American!

Scariest-Ever Hand on Pregnant Belly

courtesy Cakewrecks

4. Eat My Sonogram

This cake just does not seem like it would be very appetizing!

Sonogram Cake

courtesy Cakewrecks

5. I’m Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dye!

These miniature cake babies are feeling a little…blue!

Feeling Blue

courtesy instagram jayyhatch

6. That was one big kick!

Maybe the little one is going to be a soccer player!


courtesy Instagram rocknreels

7. All Natural

Hopefully this expecting mom won’t be inviting all her guests watch her bathtub birth and eat this cake too!

Water Birth

courtesy Cakewrecks

8. Peek-a-boo!

I think this cake tops the cakes as being the weirdest of all!

Hello, World!

courtesy Cakewrecks

9. Wow Connie!

Hopefully this cake Connie is not to scale!


courtesy Cakewrecks

10. C-Section plus Amputation!

Whoops! I think they forgot Mom’s head and arms!

Pageant Baby Popping Out of Limbless Body

courtesy Blogspot Alison

Hopefully you had a good laugh at some of these ridiculous baby shower cakes!