Top 10 Anticipated Celebrity Pregnancies

corner-stork-baby-gifts.jpgMr. Christopher from the Corner Stork Baby Gifts blog. It appears that celebrities are finding time to do more than just cuddle as of late. More and more top stars at the top of their game are getting pregnant and some of which are keeping quiet about it even though their tummies give them away. So we wanted to step back for a moment and figure out which 10 stars are making us curious as to what fate awaits their offspring and what would be good gift ideas for them. So here’s our top ten most anticipated celebrity pregnancies and great gifts to go with them.

10) Tracey Gold

safari-babys.jpgtraceygold.jpgI think I saw her on yet ANOTHER Lifetime special in yet another show about man-hating or maybe it was that show with the crazy chick. That describes all of their shows actually. Anyway, you may remember Tracey from her days as the whiny sister on Growing Pains. This will be Tracey’s 4th child, so it becomes very obvious that Tracey is doing much more at home than she is on screen. For Tracey, we’re going with Safari Gift Set that comes with picture frames and wooden calendars and little things she’ll need to keep track of them all.

9) Milla Jovovich

milla-preg.jpgbabyblanket-s.jpgMilla Jovovich which most folks know from the movie Resident Evil is also expecting. She has an incredibly striking presence in both her look and style. It will be interesting to see how she handles the pregnancy since many are saying that she should have waited to establish herself more as an actress before getting pregnant and removing herself from the hiring pool in any upcoming films. Even her current project had some issues hiding her pregnancy. As an update, Milla just had her baby this past Sunday, so she actually shouldn’t be on this list, but that’s okay. We’ll let her slide and will also suggest that she head to Corner Stork and pick up fuzzy warm personalized baby blankets to cuddle her baby with during the upcoming winter months.

8 ) Lauryn Hill

hill.jpgbutterflybasket-s.jpgSinger Lauryn Hill is one firey and very fertile woman. The ex-singer from the group The Fugees is expecting yet another child to add to her collection. She is expecting this her fifth child along with her boyfriend Rohan Marley (son of reggae legend Bob Marley). This will be Rohan’s 7th child with the first two coming from a previous relationship with Geraldine Khawly (Dont worry. I have no idea who that is either). Meanwhile, this was the hardest gift to pick because Corner Stork Baby Gifts really doesn’t carry any hemp products. So we’ll go with these nice baby butterfly planters so that the kid can start learning how to harvest their own “garden” along with his brothers and sisters.

7) Elisabeth Hasselbeck

elisabeth_hasselbeck180.jpgfootball-s.jpgElisabeth Hasselbeck is best known for her antics on The View fighting with Rosie O’Donnel on political issues that in actuality are way over both of their heads. Either way, anyone that can go head to head with Bush critic Rosie and come out unscathed and in some folks minds, the Victor, is a feat in itself. Next stop, Mommyland. Elisabeth began her maternity leave to get ready for the upcoming birth of a Giant. A New York Giant that is. Elisabeth is married to New York Giants quarterback Tim Hasselbeck. So choosing this gift was easy. Girl or boy, this child will live and breathe football whether Elisabeth likes it or not. We choose this cushy baby football for the child to hug and squeeze. That is, until they’re ready to start their quarterback training.

6) Cate Blanchett

cate.jpg bunny-snuggler-s.jpgCate Blanchett is the second oldest momma on this list at 38 being only beaten by Halle Berry who is 42. However, Halle’s baby is her first and this is Cate’s third with playwright Andrew Upton. Cate is fresh off of her amazing award worthy appearance in the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Cate is expecting in April, so she’ll be taking a well deserved break after the lengthy filming. Her and hubby are expecting (and assuming) a boy since the first two are boys, but if it’s a girl, they’re going to have to redecorate the nursery. If it is a girl, we suggest heading over to Corner Stork and browsing through the incredible collection of baby girl gift ideas like this Baby Hugs Bunny Snuggler and tons of other awesome baby boy gift ideas too….just in case.

5) Christina Aguilera

christina_aguilera-preg.jpgParis Hilton broke this secret a couple months ago even though Christina would never confirm it to anyone. stars.jpgParis made the announcement in the middle of a party at a club. Well, Christina has finally broke her silence now and has come clean and announced that the reason why she’s been seen shopping for baby gifts every day this past month is because she is indeed pregnant. No way! The 26 year old singer is one amazing vocalist and with exception to J-Lo’s baby, many will be interested to see if the little one will be following in the footsteps of her mommy and become the next big singer or in the path of her papa Joseph Bratman and just produce the next big singer. For this couple, we’ll suggest the gift of this cute onesie that says it all. A Star Is Born!

4) Nicole Richiejo-jo-giraffes.jpgnicole_pregnancy.jpeg

Even though she is reportedly still smoking, she is indeed pregnant. Nicole and her fiancé Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden are expecting their first and were even given a brand new home as a wedding/pregnancy present from her father Lionel Richie. We really want to see how this is going to work. While it’s admirable that she has at least started acting responsible as an expectant momma, she is still a party princess at heart (cigarettes and all). And her hubby can’t simply remove himself from the crazy wild life that is rock and roll. Our gift to them would be the JoJo Giraffe personalized blanket for the animal that still lives and breathes inside both of them.

3) Halle Berry

halle-preg.jpglucky-baby-s.jpg Halle Berry shocked the world announcing her pregnancy from her, um, relations with male model Gabriel Aubrey. Well, anyway, we’re still curious as to how impossibly beautiful this kid is going to be when Halle Berry is your momma and male model Gabriel Aubry is your daddy. They are also the oldest first time parent couple with Halle Berry being 41 and Aubry being 32. The biggest concern is Halle’s Type 2 Diabetes which has caused some concern about her pregnancy, but she is excited about it since she has been trying for years to get pregnant and now has the result she wants. For a gift, we’ll go with the lucky 4 leaf clover onesie, because this child is definitely her four leaf clover.

2) Jennifer Lopez

jlo-pregnant.jpglavenderalbum-s.jpgJennifer Lopez is probably the hardest working gal in show business and her husband Marc Antony is no slouch either. Both have finished making a movie and are actively touring to support it. And during all of this time together, they managed to find time to get pregnant, which is actually probably easy to do when you’re together 24-7. Now there’s speculation that she’s carrying twins, so a lot of people are going to be very interested in seeing exactly how much of a vocal prodigy these children will be since both of her parents are world renowned singers. For this couple, we would suggest this lavender baby photo album so that they can keep their dates straight. When you’re as busy as these two, they need to make sure that they don’t forget the twins birthdays. And if one of them is a girl, we’ll be ready with all of her quinceanera needs too from My Quince Favors!

1) Pamela Andersonpam-anderson.jpg

medkit.jpgAnd the number one pregnancy we’re curious about is of course, Pamela Anderson. Many people wonder if Pamela Anderson had lost her mind when she got married to Rick Salomon in-between her shows in Las Vegas during a 20 minute break between sets. Pamela said that she was repaying a gambling debt she had incurred and was paying it back with sexual favors and that she fell in love in the process. How sweet! Rick Salomon is best known for his co-starring role as the “guy” in the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape. Pamela herself has a sex tape with her ex-husband drummer Tommy Lee. So these video stars decided that they should marry after Pam discovered that she was pregnant. Again, how sweet! The self made porn stars want to make sure that the child is not married out of wedlock. So for our gift, we’ll choose the baby medical kit, so that the child can get used to seeing the inside of doctors offices during the weekly blood tests.

And there you have it, our top ten most anticipated celebrity pregnancies. Did we miss someone who should have been on this list?