Three DIY Baby Shower Favors That Won’t Bust Your Budget!

DIY Heart Favor KitIf you’re like most Americans these days, you’re looking for ways to save money, get the most bang for your buck and feel good about doing it. If you’re in baby-shower-planning mode, I’d like to turn you on to three outstanding, easy-to-assemble baby shower favors that will work with any theme, match your decor and delight your guests for about a buck!

Need more details? Here’s why they’ll match your theme—all three favors are generic designs: a heart, an umbrella (it’s a shower!) and a simple vial with a cork. Any of these three shapes will support any theme and accent your tables beautifully.

DIY Umbrella Favor KitA

Your Color Palette is a Real Treat!

Clearly, these favors will match your color scheme. Why? Because they’re clear or translucent! The colors of the treat you put inside them will show through the favor. With M&Ms and jelly beans available in single-color packs, you simply fill the containers with the colors of the day in whichever treat you choose.

We’re Just “Kitting!”

That’s the beauty of these baby shower favors! They each come in a 24-favor kit with everything you need–the favors, ribbon and printable tags or stickers. You DIY Glass Jar Favor Kitjust have to take a few minutes to fill the favors with treats, add the ribbon accents and attach the tags or stickers. You save money, set a color-coordinated table and say thank-you to your guests in a way they’ll appreciate!.

Before I go, I must tell you why the tags and stickers in the favor photos are not what you’d typically put on a baby shower favor. It’s because these favors will have the same money-saving effect on pretty much any event, so the photographers create a one-favor-fits-all photo. Since the tags and stickers are printable, you can put anything you want on them. The baby shower is just the beginning!