Three Decorating Tips from Mariah & Nick’s New Nursery

Isn’t this nursery gorgeous!?  Beautifully designed, the decorators did a wonderful job blending high-style (check out the chandelier) with baby’s needs, which is easier to do when you have Mariah’s and Nick’s budget to work with.  Although most of us don’t, we can still learn a few things about baby room decor by taking these tips from the stars.

Top Tips

One piece can change a room. It only takes one accent piece to really make the room pop.  Case in point…look at the large giraffe in the corner.  Seemingly the exact opposite of the rest of the decor, it adds an unexpected alluring quality that actually works.

Make it functional. Many times people focus on the decorating and forget about the fact that they’ll actually have to use the room.  Spending a lot of time in there, you should include some creature comforts for Mom and Dad.  Take the two chairs for example.  Typically, you only see one chair in the baby’s room, but here there are two.  Hopefully, it’s not just because there are two  babies but because BOTH parents, grandparents and anyone else will feel welcome and at home with the babies.  Find what works for you and include it in the room.

Step outside the norm. Even though they are having a boy and a girl, you really don’t see much blue.  Opting for green instead for their son, they’ve bucked the system a bit with a pink and green palette for the room.  I for one agree.  I have two nieces, and they both would rather wear anything but pink!  There are so many wonderful colors in the rainbow, you don’t have to focus on just two.

A Corner Stork Upgrade

Surrounded by all of the baby gifts at Corner Stork, you know that there are a few things I’d do differently.  Here’s are a some suggestions I’d like to make (just in case the designers are reading this post

Rather than a gigantic giraffe that’s just going to sit there, why not include this smaller but more functional one that actually helps keep baby calm.  Our “Gentle Giraffe” Soothing Sounds Nighttime Companion will keep baby entertained and comforted with a collection of rhythmic sounds.

Instead of hanging regular old photos over the bed, why not use this as an opportunity to personalize the room with custom name signs or personalized baby plates?  Even if you don’t hang them on the wall, you can still hang them on the crib itself for a special touch.

Here’s hoping these tips and ideas will help make decorating your baby’s nursery a lot more special.