These Baby Hoodies Are the Cutest Outfits For Your Little One

Hoodies aren’t just for adults. Even little kids can look absolutely adorable in a hoodie–especially when it transforms him or her into a cute little animal.

Whether you’re picking one up for a baby shower gift, first birthday present or you want one for your own child, you’ll love these baby hoodies.

Blue Shark Hoodie

What little boy doesn’t love sharks? Whether he has an ocean-themed nursery or is a fan of the aquarium, a shark hoodie is a must.

Baby Hoodies: Blue Shark Hoodies

The hood is lined with little shark teeth. It even comes with little shark mittens to keep his hands warm.

Baby Hoodies: Blue Shark Hoodie

Pink Shark Hoodie

Of course, you can’t forget about the girls. There’s a pink version of the shark hoodie, too.

Baby Hoodies: Pink Shark Hoodie

The hoodie is lined in warm fleece so you can be sure the little one will be nice and toasty on cooler nights.

Baby Hoodies: Pink Shark Hoodie

Birdie Hoodie

Need something a bit more gender-neutral? The mint green color of this little birdie hoodie is perfect for a boy or a girl.

Baby Hoodies: Birdie Hoodie

Unlike the shark hoodies, this one has contrasting fabric on the cuffs. Extra cute!

Baby Hoodies: Birdie Hoodie

Fox Hoodie

What does the fox say? We may not know, but everyone who sees this little fox will ooh and ahh for sure.

Baby Hoodies: Fox Hoodie

The orange of the hoodie makes this one another perfect choice for a gender-neutral baby gift.

Baby Hoodies: Fox Hoodie

Which of these animal-themed baby hoodies is your favorite?